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Inclusion Initiative Podcast

Our podcast features established leaders and a diverse group of members in EM.

JEDI-AAEM Webinar Series

JEDI-AAEM Webinar Series

Catch up on recordings from our JEDI-AAEM Mentorship Webinar Series.

Core DEI EM Lecture Series

Through lectures, we have brought experts from across the country to give you the tools to advocate for yourself and your patients!


This scholarship provides additional financial resources for URiM medical students during the expensive residency application process.


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JEDI-AAEM Parenting Resources

We have put together some resources for those that are or plan to be parents as an EM physician.

LGBTQ+ Etiquette Flyer

Read through and learn JEDI-AAEM’s 5 tips to be an active ally for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Resources

JEDI-AAEM, formerly the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, has released statements and resources for emergency physicians with an interest in diversity. 

AAEM/RSA Modern Resident Blog

The AAEM/RSA Subcommittee contributes to the Modern Resident Blog and Common Sense by submitting articles. Read the international articles below:

AAEM/RSA Podcast Episodes
Intersectional Diversity in Medicine

In this episode, Jordan Powell, and Lisa A. Moreno-Walton, MD MS MSCR FAAEM, talk about intersectional diversity in medicine. Ms. Powell is a student at University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Northeastern Regional Representative on the RSA Medical Student Council and Vice-Chair of the RSA Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Dr. Moreno-Walton is Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director of Research, Director of Diversity and Director of HIV and Viral Testing at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, as well as serving as the President-Elect of AAEM.

Cultural Competence and Health Care Disparities

In this episode, Jordan Powell, and Bernard Lopez, MD MS FAAEM discuss cultural competence and health care disparities. Ms. Powell is a student at Xavier University of Louisiana and the RSA Diversity & Inclusion Committee Vice Chair. Dr. Lopez is Department of Emergency Vice Chairman at Thomas Jefferson University hospitals and a member of the AAEM Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Physician Burnout, Racism, and Corporate Misrepresentation

In this episode, Jordan Vaughn and L.E. Gomez, MD MBA FAAEM, discuss physician burnout, racism, and corporate misrepresentation. Mrs. Vaughn is a student at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Northeastern Regional Representative on the RSA Medical Student Council and Vice-Chair of the RSA Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Dr. Gomez is an AAEM at-large board member, Chair of the AAEM Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and Assistant Professor at Howard University Hospital.

Interpreter Service Best Practice Guide

Best Practices for Caring for Patients with Non-English Language Preferences and/or Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing in Emergency Departments:

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Know Your Rights

Be Empow(ER)ed: A brief guide to your rights as a patient in the emergency room.

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AAEM Resident Discrimination Position Statement

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) believes that increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of emergency medicine is necessary to provide high-quality, culturally humble care to all patients who present to the emergency department. AAEM is committed to ensuring that prejudice and discrimination in emergency medicine residency programs are not tolerated. In order to mitigate current and future biases in emergency medicine, a diverse and inclusive resident workforce is needed. AAEM recommends that graduate medical education (GME) leadership take the following steps to minimize discrimination in the emergency medicine training environment. Read the full statement.

AAEM Releases Statement with SAEM on the Death of George Floyd

In the wake of the police killing of an African American man in Minneapolis, the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) joins those calling for reforms on the use of deadly force by law enforcement, the review of discriminatory practices, and justice for those whose lives have been taken as a result of racism targeting people of color.

As emergency physicians, when a human being says, “I can’t breathe,” our immediate response is a call to action to save a life. We have committed our lives to reducing disparities in the emergency department and to providing compassionate, unconditional care for all who need it, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, or any other human factor. Read the full statement. 

AAEM/RSA Advocacy and Diversity & Inclusion Committees’ Statement on the Death of George Floyd

The AAEMRSA Advocacy and Diversity & Inclusion Committees’ have included a list of actionable items related to the death of George Floyd. These items are merely starting points for us to effect true change in our personal lives and the communities in which we reside. Read the full statement.