Joint CME Providership

AAEM is pleased to partner with other organizations to provide AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for educational events that align with our mission. To be eligible for CME through AAEM, an event must adhere to the below guidelines. 

  • The program’s target audience should include, but is not limited to, residency trained or board-certified (ABEM / AOBEM) physicians who are engaged in the practice of emergency medicine.
  • AAEM will not accredit a program that has content or sponsors that are judged not in keeping with the mission and principles of AAEM.
  • AAEM will not accredit a program that competes with its own existing or planned CME events in terms of content, time, or location.
  • AAEM will not accredit conferences if they fall within 30 days prior to or following AAEM conferences or meetings.
  • AAEM will not incur any financial liability for jointly provided programs unless previously stipulated in writing.
  • AAEM will not accredit a program that does not adhere to current AMA / ACCME sponsorship guidelines.
  • The ACCME Subcommittee will consider accreditation only if:

1) the program director is a full voting member of AAEM or

2) the program is being organized by a recognized Academic Institution or Society, and at least one of the directors is a member of AAEM.

Benefits of Joint Providership with AAEM

When you partner with AAEM for CME accreditation, you will receive:

  1. An online portal for attendees to claim CME for your event
  2. A broadcast email to attendees with the link to claim CME within 30 days after the even
  3. An online follow-up survey sent 3-6 months after the event
  4. Tracking of disclosures of relevant financial relationships of faculty and planners
  5. Permission to use the AAEM logo in your advertising materials
  6. Handout with statements of disclosure, CME accreditation statement and an AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ designation statement as required by the ACCME
  7. Your event listed on AAEM’s website as a jointly provided event and in the AAEM newsletter Common Sense

Please note: CME accreditation with AAEM does not include registration processing, advertising emails or mailings, graphics, or social media posts.

Applying for CME Providership

If you believe that your program adheres to the guidelines above, you may apply to have AAEM provide CME credits by following the steps below. 

1. Submit a CME application no later than 4 months prior to the educational activity. There is a $2,500 CME application fee for non-AAEM entities which must be paid at the time of application. If your CME application is not approved by AAEM, the entire amount will be refunded to you.

2. All planning committee members must submit a disclosure of relevant financial information prior to the activity.

3. All speakers and faculty must submit a disclosure of relevant financial information and a Content Leader Letter of Agreement prior to the activity.

Please contact the Education Meetings Manager, Rebecca Sommer for more information.

CME Application Resources

Preliminary Application

Required Information

  • Event details (Title, Date, time, location)
  • Activity type (Course, Symposium, Workshop, Conference)
  • Planning committee information
  • Design format
  • Desirable Physician Attributes / Core Competencies (View AAEM’s guide to Desirable Physician Attributes)
  • Potential Partners and Allies
  • How does this activity align with the AAEM CME Mission?
  • Who will identify the presenter(s) and topic?
  • What criteria will be used in the selection of the presenters?
  • Provide supporting evidence that the design format is appropriate for the setting, objectives and desired results.

Secondary Application

Required Information

  • Practice Gaps: Current practice vs. Ideal or Evidence-Based Practice
    The practice gap is the difference between what actually occurs and what ideal or evidence-based practice should be in regards to knowledge, competence, performance and/or patient outcomes. To begin, you will need to define what the problem or needs might be based on what actually occurs versus what the ideal practice should be.
  • Educational Needs
    To identify needs, state the difference between the current and best practice (listed above) as the professional practice gap. Then identify the type of gap(s) it is (Knowledge, Competence1, Performance2, Patient Outcomes3) and write a needs statement.
  • Objectives and Expected Results
    Select the key identified educational needs listed above that you wish to address with this activity and write a learning objective and your desired result for each. You may combine needs if appropriate. View AAEM’s guide to learning objectives.
  • Needs Assessment Data and Source
    What sources did you use to identify the professional gaps? Provide attached documentation and/or narrative summary for each source chosen.
  • Target Audience
  • Evaluation and Outcomes
    How will this activity be evaluated for its effectiveness? Based on the objectives and desired outcomes listed previously (i.e., changes in competence, performance, or patient health outcomes) which methods will be used? Select all appropriate methods of evaluation and other post-course evaluating mechanisms.  When planning the evaluation, please refer to the AAEM Sample Evaluation.
  • Commercial Support information
  • Budget
  • Agenda
  • Optional Information (this information will help AAEM in our application for ACCME re-accreditation)
    • Patient Safety Consideration
    • Tools to Support Learners in Achieving Results


  1. Competence: The ability to apply knowledge, skills, and judgment in practice (knowing how to do something).
  2. Performance: What one does, in practice. The degree to which participants do what the activity intended them to do. Performance is competence put into practice.
  3. Patient Outcomes: The consequences of performance. Defined as the ability of the learner to apply what they have learned to improve the health status of their patients or those of a community.

Additional Resources

For more information on the ACCME criteria for CME activities, please visit the pages below.

Desirable Physician Attributes / Core Competencies (Criterion 6)

Educational Needs (Criterion 2)

Evaluation and Outcomes (Criterion 11)

Objectives and Expected Results (Criterion 3)

Practice Gaps: Current practice vs. Ideal or Evidence-Based Practice (Criterion 2)