Speaker Development Group

The Speaker Development Group is a mentorship program that prepares you to be a speaker on a national stage. AAEM matches mentees with mentors who are already experienced, nationally recognized speakers.

The goal for the Speaker Development Group is to help mentees become confident, polished, and engaging speakers. Mentees who successfully complete the program will have the opportunity to gain national speaking experience by presenting a Breve Dulce Talk at AAEM’s Annual Scientific Assembly.

Mentee application submission for 2024-2025 will open in summer 2024.

Mentee Benefits and Expectations

  • Guidance and direction from a highly respected, AAEM nationally recognized speaker to enhance speaking skills and content
  • Quarterly check-ins with your mentor
    • Quarter 1: Set goals and get initial guidance for speaking engagements and confirm topic
    • Quarter 2: Develop slides and content
    • Quarter 3: Delivery and review of Presentation
    • Quarter 4: Give newly improved presentation and discuss next steps
  • Mentees are responsible for keeping in contact with their mentors throughout the year-long process. The process is mentee led. 
Past Mentees


Katherine Darr, MD
Robert Needleman, MD FAAEM
Valerie Pierre, MD
Amy Prescott, MD
Mark Ramzy, DO
Angela Regina, DO
Alan Sazama, MD FAAEM
Matthew Stampfl, MD


Molly Boyd, MD
Neil Dasgupta, MD FAAEM
Mercy Hylton, MD FAAEM
Scott Leuchten, DO FAAEM
Neeraja Murali, DO MPH FAAEM
Lauren Murphy, MD FAAEM


Afrah Abdul Wahid Ali, MBBS
Andrew M. Bazakis, MD FAAEM
Jessica Fleisher-Black, MD FAAEM
Mohamed Hagahmed, MD
Roberta Enes, MD
Marco Propersi, DO
Stephanie (Goike) Schley, MD FAAEM
Gregory Wu, MD FAAEM


Vonzella Bryant, MD FAAEM
Jason Hine, MD FAAEM
Demis Lipe, MD FAAEM
Daphne Morrison Ponce, MD FAAEM
Patricia De Melo Panakos, MD FAAEM
Alexis Salerno, MD FAAEM
Randy Sorge, MD
Celine Thum, MD FAAEM


Jeffrey A. Baker, MD FAAEM
Maite A. Huis in ‘t Veld, MD FAAEM
Robert P. Lam, MD FAAEM
Samreen Vora, MD MHAM
Matthew D. Zuckerman, MD FAAEM


Matthew P. Borloz, MD FAAEM
Mike Gottlieb, MD RDMS FAAEM
Danya Khoujah, MBBS FAAEM
Andrew Phillips, MD MEd FAAEM
Kraftin Schreyer, MD CMQ FAAEM
Erica Simon, DO MHA MPH

Past Mentors

2022 – 2023 Speaker Development Group Mentors

Bontempo, Laura

Laura J. Bontempo, MD MEd FAAEM

Peter M.C. DeBlieux, MD FAAEM

Joseph R. Lex Jr., MD MAAEM FAAEM


Amal Mattu, MD FAAEM

Richard D. Shih, MD FAAEM


Michael E. Winters, MD MBA FAAEM

Testimonials from Past Participants

“My experience as a Speaker Development Group mentee was simply perfect. Dr. Winters is calm, efficient, seasoned, and offered the perfect amount of support, advice and direction. I received detailed advice on how to re-word the talk, what steps to take to improve. Probably the one thing I learned most was how to organize and focus the subject matter. I would unequivocally recommend the Speaker Development Group. I’d like others to know there is a unique experience to guide members to be their best presenting self.  My advice for future mentee candidates is to listen, learn, absorb and join.”

“My mentor provided excellent feedback and advice for a recent lecture at an outside institution.”

“Dr. Mattu is a world-class speaker, and his willingness to help develop future speakers is awesome.”

“The direct access to experienced speaking experts is a definite highlight of the program. Mike Winters was very approachable and gave excellent advice.”


Email Rebecca Sommer, AAEM Senior Education Manager or call 800-884-2236.