Learn more about the processes and procedures for Committees in the Reference Manual and Toolkit.

Project Proposals

Any new initiatives not included in the current AAEM approved budget will need to have a proposal submitted to the Board for consideration.  The project template must be used and submitted 30 days prior to the Board Meeting the member would like it presented.

The template is available online to download, access the form below.

Board Reports

Committees, Task Forces, Interest Groups, and Sections will be required to submit at least one report to the Board of Directors for the in-person meeting held at the Scientific Assembly.  Additional reports may be requested throughout the year by the President. The Board of Directors template should be utilized by the Chair of the Committee, Task Forces, Interest Groups, and/or Section.

Committees, Interest Groups, and Sections

Task Forces

Section Marketing Toolkit

If you are interested in planning an event or activity with your section, reference the marketing toolkit!