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AAEM is committed to providing the highest quality education, advocacy, and professional resources throughout your journey as an emergency physician.

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*Annual AAEM membership is valid from 1/1/24 – 12/31/24. Membership dues are paid annually and cover the calendar year. Please contact us if you have any questions, and check out our current promotions below!

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Membership Categories

Fellow and Full Voting (FAAEM)

Dues: $525

All voting members are fellows of AAEM, and can therefore use the FAAEM designation. There is no additional requirement for fellowship status beyond board certification. To be a Full Voting member of AAEM you must: be board certified in emergency medicine by ABEM, AOBEM, -or- RCPSC -or- be board certified in pediatric emergency medicine by ABEM or ABP.


Dues: $150  –  those who meet the below criteria and are within their first year out of residency
Dues: $250  –  those who meet the below criteria and are more than one year out of residency

To be an Associate member of AAEM: you must be a graduate of an ACGME or AOA approved emergency medicine training program and you must have not yet taken or passed your EM board


Dues: $75

To be a Fellow-in-Training member of AAEM: you must be a graduate of an ACGME or AOA approved emergency medicine training program and be currently enrolled in a fellowship. Fellow-in-Training members receive a dual membership in AAEM and the Young Physicians Section (YPS-AAEM).


Dues: $150

International member status is available for those physicians with an interest in emergency medicine who practice outside of the United States or Canada.


Dues: $250

Full Voting members meeting the below requirements who wish to change their membership category must specifically request transfer to Emeritus status. Emeritus members may continue using the FAAEM designation as long as they meet the criteria of a Full Voting member of AAEM. To be an Emeritus member of AAEM, you must have been: a Full Voting member who has practiced emergency medicine for 30 or more years and has been a Full Voting member for a minimum of 10 years -or- at least 65 years of age and who has been a Full Voting member for a minimum of 10 years

Special circumstances such as disability or full retirement from the practice of emergency medicine, may lead to a request for Emeritus membership. A member would be required to have been a Full Voting member in good standing for a period of at least five consecutive years to be considered for this special Emeritus status. Such a request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the membership committee. Eligibility for this special status shall lapse upon the Emeritus member’s return to the active practice of emergency medicine or upon change in the circumstances qualifying the member for Emeritus status. The Emeritus member shall have an affirmative obligation to notify the Academy of any such change in status.

Residents and Medical Students

Residents and Medical Students are invited to become a member of the AAEM Resident and Student Association (AAEM/RSA).


Current Promotions

Multi-Year Discount

Multi-year discounts available for Full Voting members when you sign-up for three or more years. Renew today and save!

2023 Graduating Resident Promotion

As a new graduate, pay only $150 to renew as an associate member within the first 12 months of graduating ($100 Savings!).

Active Military Full Voting Member Discount

A 25% discount will be applied to annual full voting dues for active duty military members. This discount only applies to full voting membership who are active duty military members on an annual basis and will not apply to multi-year membership purchases.