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  • AAEM Endorses Position Statement on Transducer Disinfection after Percutaneous Procedures
    Disinfection of Ultrasound Transducers Used for Percutaneous ProceduresIntersocietal Position Statement We, the undersigned organizations, wish to address the issue of disinfection of transcutaneous ultrasound transducers used for percutaneous procedures or forthe purpose of monitoring other inv …

    Endorsed Statements, Other Issues

  • AAEM Endorses the ACP Policy Recommendations on Reducing Administrative Tasks
    These recommendations by ACP are free, non-specialty specific and promote removing obstacles and distractions from providing actual care and improving quality of health care. These recommendations can be referenced by AAEM members for use in their home institutions with a goal of putting clinical ca …

    Endorsed Statements, Practice Rights

  • Compact Between Resident Physicians and Their Teachers
    January 2006 (endorsed 5/17/06) The Compact Between Resident Physicians and Their Teachers is a declaration of the fundamental principles of graduate medical education (GME) and the major commitments of both residents and faculty to the educational process, to each oth …

    Endorsed Statements, Other Issues