Keith Edwin Leap II, MD FAAEM

Common Sense Editor, Ex-Officio Board Member, Common Sense

Dr. Keith Leap is the editor of Common Sense. Dr. Leap once saw an article about someone working as a ‘physician advocate.’ He commented to an emergency physician friend that he would like to have such a job. The friend responded, ‘I think that based on your writing, you’ve already been doing it.’  Dr. Leap has been an advocate for practicing emergency physicians since he began writing candidly for his colleagues in EM News in 2000. Since then his columns have touched on many issues, from EMR to board certification, from metrics to burnout, from family life to faith.  He believes that this kind of advocacy is what AAEM seeks to offer its members.  He considers himself uniquely positioned to guide the editorial content of Common Sense and reach not only existing members but attract new physicians to the organization. Part of the position also involves finding and developing new writers. Physicians frequently tell him that they would like to have an outlet for their writing. As such, he feels confident that he could draw in new talent. Since he has developed his own voice as a writer over the past decades, Dr. Leap is ready to guide new physician writers to bring powerful, unique perspectives to readers as the specialty faces new demands and challenges.