Stand with Dr. Ming Lin: A Fight for Due Process and Patient-Centered Care

Our Silence is Not for Sale

Join AAEM and the AAEM Foundation in Supporting Dr. Ming Lin’s Courageous Stand

Dr. Ming Lin, a distinguished emergency room physician with over 30 years of experience, faced a crucial challenge at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the urgent need for enhanced safety measures, he consulted with other hospitals to compare COVID-19 protocols. He then courageously advocated for improved protective gear and safety measures at his hospital. Despite his long-standing dedication and unwavering commitment to staff and patient safety, his advocacy led to an unjust dismissal.

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The Courage to Speak Out

In response to his unwarranted termination, Dr. Lin initiated a lawsuit against two corporate giants, PeaceHealth and TeamHealth, one of the nation’s largest integrated care providers. The case took a dramatic turn when he was offered a substantial settlement. Upholding his integrity, Dr. Lin refused, famously stating, “My silence is not for sale.”

Dr. Lin’s decision to reject financial compensation is a testament to his commitment to justice and upholding the principles of responsible patient care. His stance not only champions transparency and accountability in the medical field but also highlights the broader challenge of aligning patient care with corporate accountability.

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Your Role in Championing Justice

Your support goes beyond mere financial aid; it represents a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in healthcare. By contributing to Dr. Lin’s cause, you become part of a community that advocates for a healthcare environment where principles of transparency, fairness, and patient welfare are paramount.

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“This lawsuit is more than just a legal battle. Dr. Lin’s fight is a fight for all of us in the medical community.”

“This campaign is about more than one doctor; it’s about defending the integrity of our medical profession.”

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AAEM and the AAEM Foundation proudly recognize they are not alone in this endeavor. A heartfelt Acknowledgement goes to Take Medicine Back for their significant contributions and unwavering support in the fight for Dr. Lin’s cause. Together, we are stronger in our pursuit of justice and integrity in healthcare.

Why Every Healthcare Professional Should Care

Due process in medicine, exemplified in Dr. Lin’s case, is pivotal. It’s about ensuring the freedom to advocate for patient and staff safety without the threat of retaliation. Dr. Lin’s experience is a glaring example of the conflicts that arise when corporate interests overshadow a clinician’s judgment and compromise the fundamental principles of patient-centered care.

This case goes beyond an individual; it represents a broader struggle in the medical field where profit can compromise care standards. Supporting Dr. Lin is not just about one man’s fight; it’s a stand for the integrity of our profession and the well-being of those we are sworn to protect.

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Thank You for Your Voice and Support

Every action, whether a donation, or a shared post, or a word of support, brings us closer to a healthcare system guided by ethics and respect for professional judgment. Together, we can make a difference.

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