Corporate Practice

AAEM is unique in that it is the only EM professional society that is willing to take legal action against contract management companies on behalf of our members.

What is Corporate Practice of Medicine?

Every emergency physician should have an understanding of what the corporate practice of medicine is, why it is banned or restricted in most states, and how its spread has hurt the specialty of emergency medicine. The ban on the corporate practice of medicine is so important that the AMA itself has clearly stated its opposition to attempts to preempt laws prohibiting it.

AMA Policies Regarding the Corporate Practice of Medicine:

H-215.981 Hospital Employed Physicians
The AMA vigorously opposes any effort to pass federal legislation preempting state laws prohibiting the corporate practice of medicine. (Res. 247, A-91)

But what is it and what has been its impact on emergency medicine? Simply speaking, the corporate practice of medicine occurs whenever an non-physician individual or corporation exerts control over the medical decision-making or collects reimbursement for the medical services of physicians. Much of the physician practice management industry in emergency medicine, through a series of legal loopholes and maneuvers, has been controlling physician practice since the foundation of the specialty.

To help our members understand to factors behind this reality, and to propose solutions for the future, AAEM has published the following report on the history and current state of the physician practice management industry in emergency medicine.

AAEM Action

Our willingness to stand up for our physicians in these matters altered the course of EM nationally and regionally.

AAEM-PG Files lawsuit against Envision Healthcare

AAEM Amicus Brief in Genova v. Banner Health

AAEM/CMA Amicus Brief in Catholic Health Care West matter

AAEM/EPPA lawsuit against EmCare in MN

AAEM lawsuit against Team Health in CA

Texas Medical Association’s Amicus Curiae Brief

AAEM and Democratic Group Take Further Action Against TeamHealth in Texas

AAEM files suit against Team Health and Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Texas Corporate Practice of Medicine Case

David Soria, MD FAAEM, Files Class Action Complaint Against InPhyNet Contracting Services, Inc. and TeamHealth, Inc.