Fickenscher, Kramer Resign from Catholic Healthcare West

In a move which demonstrates that AAEM’s efforts to save the independent groups affected by the merger of Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) and EPMG in California are having an effect, CHW Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Kevin Fickenscher, MD, announced his resignation from the company on June 17.

Dr. Fickenscher was the primary CHW force behind the EPMG deal and debated AAEM President Robert McNamara, MD FAAEM, in October 1998 in San Diego claiming that independent EP groups were going to be swept away by the “tsunami” of health care changes. With the CMA joining AAEM in support of this matter, it looks like the tsunami has at least temporarily changed course and swept away Dr. Fickenscher.

In a follow-up report made on August 2, CHW Chief Executive Office Richard Kramer announced his plans to step down on September 7.

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