Education Committee

Who We Are 

The purpose of the Education Committee is to develop and coordinate the Annual Scientific Assembly, oral and written board courses as well as explore new venues to provide AAEM members with the best possible educational resources including access to online services, journals and meetings. In addition, the committee explores collaborative efforts with other local, national and international EM organizations to provide educational resources and meetings to AAEM members.


David J. Carlberg, MD FAAEM

Michael E. Silverman, MD MBA FAAEM FACP
Vice Chair

Laura J. Bontempo, MD MEd FAAEM
Board Liaison

Rebecca J. Sommer
Staff Liaison

Our Work Groups

ACCME Work Group

The ACCME Work Group is a dedicated group of Education Committee members who ensure that AAEM’s educational programs are compliant with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

The work group reviews potential educational activities to ensure that they align with the ACCME Accreditation Criteria and the AAEM Continuing Medical Education Mission Statement. The work group ensures that activities are not influenced by commercial interests, and that AAEM is in compliance with the ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education.

Lead: Sara A. Misthal, MD FAAEM
Vice Lead: Liz Calhoun, MD FAAEM

LMS Work Group

The Learning Management System (LMS) Work Group develops policies for what content will be housed on AAEM Online. They develop a process for submitting content onto the LMS and ensure that the content on the LMS is reviewed periodically and removed per the policy. They will also provide ongoing oversight of the LMS and content.

AAEM Online

Lead: Jason Hine, MD FAAEM

Oral Board Review Course Work Group

The Oral Board Review Course Work Group is responsible for planning each series of AAEM’s Oral Board Review Courses, in the spring and in the fall. These courses prepare physicians to sit for their oral board examinations.

Oral Board Review Course

Lead: Frank L. Christopher, MD FAAEM
Vice Lead: Michael C. Bond, MD FAAEM FACEP
Advisor: Mitchell Goldman, DO FAAEM FAAP

Scientific Assembly Planning Work Group

The Scientific Assembly Planning Work Group is responsible for planning AAEM’s Annual Scientific Assembly.

Description: The Scientific Assembly Planning Work Group develops the scientific program/educational content for the Scientific Assembly that presents the most recent advances in emergency medicine, forward-thinking content, and a broad spectrum of general education topics for attendees. 

Duties: Reviews audience and moderator feedback from the previous Scientific Assembly to make improvements to the conference. Determines the general schedule outline. Reviews, scores, and ranks speaking proposals. Selects speakers to invite and develops a roster of back-up speakers. Selects plenary and keynote speakers. Subcommittee members may volunteer to serve on the Breve Dulce Work Group, Pre-Con Work Group, Small Group Clinic Work Group, and Competitions Work Group to oversee those areas of Scientific Assembly and report back to the subcommittee. Subcommittee members are expected to attend 80% of scheduled calls and be active participants in discussions. Subcommittee members are expected to attend Scientific Assembly and serve as moderators. 

Time commitment: This is an intense working group, and the time commitment is large. Weekly planning calls are scheduled in July – November and calls every other week in December – April. Busiest period is August-October; anticipate 6-8 hours reviewing and scoring speaker proposals in August and anticipate extra calls in September and October. Additional calls may be scheduled last minute to discuss urgent planning decisions; pre-scheduled calls may be canceled if there is no business to discuss. 

Scientific Assembly

Co-Lead: Christopher Colbert, DO FAAEM
Co-Lead: Molly K. Estes, MD FAAEM FACEP
Co-Vice Lead: Zachary Repanshek, MD FAAEM
Co-Vice Lead: Julie Vieth, MD FAAEM

Speaker Development Work Group

The Speaker Development Work Group matches emerging interested individuals who would like to be national speakers with a mentor who is a nationally recognized AAEM speaker in AAEM’s Speaker Development Group.

Speaker Development Group

Lead: Kevin C. Reed, MD FAAEM

Written Board Review Course Work Group

The Written Board Review Course Work Group is responsible for planning the online Written Board Review Course, a free member benefit for AAEM and AAEM/RSA.

Written Board Review Course

How to Join

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