AAEM is the leader within our field in preserving the integrity of the physician-patient relationship by fighting for a future in which all patients have access to board certified emergency physicians and physician rights are protected. Learn more about our Mission and Vision.

It’s a challenging time for emergency physicians – AAEM recognizes that and were doing something about it.

  • We believe that emergency physicians deserve a fair and equitable workplace free from the corporate practice of medicine —  AAEM-PG has recently filed a lawsuit against Envision Healthcare alleging the illegal corporate practice of medicine.
  • We’ve continued to fight for your due process rights — AAEM worked closely with the sponsors of newly introduced legislation
  • We’ve had your back during COVID-19 — Read our position statements and letters to government officials advocating for you during this pandemic.
  • We protect your practice rights — We’re actively working to address NPP independent practice to create a balanced workforce through both position and policy statements.
  • We’re advocating for a solid future for our specialty – we’re working with the newly formed EM Workforce Committee for a future with a balanced work force.
  • We’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion – The AAEM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is working hard to bring members resources and awareness, including statement on the Death of George Floyd and the Statement Against Federal Regulation.
  • We joined the clear message being sent that #ThisIsOurLane. We are the front line providers, and we will be at the forefront of the solution, which is why we signed on to support AFFIRM.

Your Voices – Responses from AAEM Members

How do you perceive AAEM as being different?

  • AAEM is not a slave to the corporate CMG’s and actually stands up for emergency physicians. They are willing to take controversial stances and care more about our specialty than just making money.
  • More in favor of the doctor than the corporation.
  • Fights for the pit doctor.
  • Not a slave to corporate medicine, clearly views the many evils of corporate EM groups.
  •  I believe it cares much more about individual ED docs — and the daily struggles.
  • Absolutely committed to EM without compromise.
  • Very personal!!!!!
  • Less in-bed with drug companies.
  • Not associated with large corporations, which place their employees on boards and use them as puppets to control our specialty.
  • AAEM is clearly an organization of by and for practicing EP’s.
  • Holding steadfast to board certification and distinguishing these EM physicians from other Advanced Practice Clinicians/others who portray themselves as equal. Not everyone can nor should do what we do & that is okay.
  • Genuinely puts the provider first. Speaks for us.
  • AAEM is the champion of emergency medicine physicians, support fair compensation, treatment, and keeping alive the idea of democratic groups.
  • Supportive of the specialty rather than the large business entities of emergency medicine.
  • Not tainted by outside influences. Still dedicated to the ED physician.
  • They still fight for the independent practitioner and rage against the dying of the light.
  • Pure defender of standards for EM, wellbeing of the practitioner, democratic groups without the profit motive for lay people, and due process rights to protect against arbitrary termination for resisting the corporate practice of medicine.
  • Works for the individual; AAEM is NOT part of the group-think monoculture that makes individualism redundant and forces people to be just a cog in the machine or another brick in the wall.