AAEM and Take EM Back on the termination of Kristin Carmody, MD MHPE

Take Medicine Back and AAEM are aware that Kristin Carmody, M.D. has filed a complaint for wrongful termination by NYU. While the substance of the accusations will be determined via the legal process, we are deeply concerned that Dr. Carmody may not have been afforded due process in this matter. Due process for physicians is essential for them to fulfill their duty as advocates for patients and their colleagues.

From AAEM’s Petition for Due Process: “We believe that due process is fundamental to our ethical mandate to care for our patients without being pressured by administrative or other external influences. We serve as direct advocates for our patients, many of whom go to emergency departments because they are vulnerable due to medical, social or financial issues outside of their control. In some cases, such advocacy may conflict with profit-driven or other non-patient-oriented forces. Therefore, we strongly oppose the contractual trend that allows hospitals or contract holders to terminate physicians without a fair hearing, since this hinders our ability to act at all times in the best interest of our patients.”

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