Options for Submitting a Board Approved CPC Paper for JEM Consideration

  1. Submit the paper in initial format as written by the author(s) to Dr. Gary Vilke, our JEM "expediter.” He can send it to the appropriate editor for expedited review. (no sharing of authorship with this route and it is presumably not as involved as getting it published as an outsider sending it to JEM for publication)
  2. Submit the paper to Dr. Gary Vilke for him and his fellows to “polish” before submitting to JEM. If substantial changes are required (i.e. in general, more than grammar and spelling changes), Dr. Vilke and his fellows will receive co-author credit.
  3. Submit for publication in the AAEM white pages in JEM. The paper is not peer reviewed and does not count toward peer-reviewed authorship. The paper is not searchable on PubMed and other related sites. The turnaround time for publication of a CPC statement is much faster than for a peer-reviewed paper.