Dear Colleagues,

It has come to our attention that Doximity is, once again, surveying emergency physicians to create “rankings” of emergency medicine residency training programs with a biased methodology. This type of flawed data approach does not benefit students applying to emergency medicine or emergency medicine residency programs, all of whom are working diligently to provide excellent physician training. As we have declared before, our specialty organizations strongly oppose Doximity’s approach to ranking programs.

In 2014, the emergency medicine specialty organizations signed a joint letter to Dr. Gross from Doximity with no response or cessation of the Doximity survey. Doximity is publicizing this survey again in 2020, encouraging emergency medicine physicians to participate. Doximity is recommending their survey results to students as valid data to assist them in making application and ranking decisions. We, as the leadership in the specialty, strongly oppose the Doximity survey, recommending that emergency physicians not participate in the survey and recommend to students not be influenced by flawed research methodology.

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