Do Steroids Administered in the Emergency Room Improve Mortality or Shock Reversal in Patients with Septic Shock?

Reviewed and approved by the AAEM Board of Directors 2/14/2010.

  1. Define the Issue and State the Question
    • A. Topic Area: Sepsis
    • B. General Issue: Steroid administration in septic shock
    • C. Clinical Question: Do steroids administered in the emergency room improve mortality or shock reversal in patients with septic shock?
    • D. Executive Summary:
    • Answer: Overall Benefit: Yes. Although the literature is heterogeneous, underlying themes remain in distinct favor of steroid administration in patients with refractory septic shock. (Level of Recommendation: B1)
      28-Day Mortality: No (Level of Recommendation: C)
      Shock Reversal: Yes (Level of Recommendation: A)
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