Harman S. Gill, MD FAAEM

Assistant Professor, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Year of Residency Completion: 2014
Year of Fellowship Completion: 2016
State: New Hampshire
Facility/School: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Position: Assistant Professor
Years of Experience in Critical Care: 4
Areas of Interest: Medical Education, Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Failure, Ventilator Management, Procedural Education


My name is Harman S Gill and I am a dual trained EM-CCM physician here at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.  I also serve as the APD for the IM-CCM fellowship program here and the residency research director for the DHMC EM residency.  My academic interests are those at the transitional junction of EM & CCM and are focused but not limited to sepsis care, cardiac arrest care and procedural education.  I am constantly looking to grow as a speaker, an academician and an educator and some of my more recent work can be found on the procedural section of criticalcarenow.com.  I look forward to collaborating with you, indulging in virtual debates with you and most importantly learning from you and with you!

Speaking Engagements

  • Cardiac Arrest: a new ED treatment paradigm in the COVID Era. ACEP Virtual Grand Rounds, Dec 2020.
  • The four airways that absolutely scare me. University of California, EM Residency lecture series, Dec 2020.
  • Airway foreign bodies & tracheostomy emergencies. University of Massachusetts, EM residency lecture series, Nov 2020.
  • Tandem led codes: a novel cardiac arrest paradigm. Red Sea Emergency Medicine Conference, Oct 2020.
  • COVID and priorities for the EM physician. CREST foundation annual regional conference, March 2020.
  • Does your institution need an ED based ICU? Grand rounds speaker at Case Western Reserve Medical University, Jan 2020.
  • Errors of Omission and Commission in Cardiac arrests in the ICU setting. Invited speaker and Research Presentation at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Annual Congress – LIVES, Oct 2019.
  • The physiologically difficult airway. Invited speaker at Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Conference, September 2019.
  • Conquering the Ventilator in Life threatening Asthma. Invited speaker at the Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Conference, September 2019.
  • Critical Care Literature you need to know. Invited speaker at managing medical emergencies, DHMC regional conference, May 2019.
  • Shock, Respiratory, AMS and the undetectably high lactate. Invited speaker and faculty presenter at the Council of Residency Directors, CPC semi-final competition, Apr 2019.
  • Intubation stories from Friday the 13th. Invited speaker at Crest Foundation meeting, Oct – 2018.
  • Obstructive respiratory catastrophes in the Emergency Department. Invited speaker at annual respiratory therapy conference at DHMC, Oct – 2018.
  • ARDS and what the Emergency clinician needs to know. Invited speaker at managing medical emergencies, DHMC regional conference, May 2018.
  • When Vasopressors are not enough. Invited speaker at American Academy of Emergency Physicians, Annual Scientific Assembly – April 2018.
  • Critical Care Skills lab. Teaching faculty at annual skills lab course, at CREST foundation annual meeting, Oct 2017.
  • GI bleeding and what the intensivist needs to know. Invited speaker for the AVERA tele-ICU annual education symposium, July 2017.
  • The story of the toxins. Invited speaker at the Internal medicine, inter-disciplinary lecture series, Department of Medicine, DHMC, Apr 2017.
  • Pitfalls in CPA resuscitation in the ED. Invited speaker at inter-disciplinary lecture series, section of Emergency Medicine, DHMC, Feb 2017.
  • Diagnostic and management priorities in occult shock. Grand Round presentation at the Metro Health Emergency Medicine Residency discussing diagnostic and management priorities of varying etiologies of occult or cryptogenic shock when originating from thoracic pathologies – Jan 2015.
  • The beauty of the PA catheter and the value of point of care Ultrasound. A case based comparison of the use of swan ganz catheter vs point of care ultrasound in the modern day multi-    disciplinary ICU.  Departmental talk at Critical Care Conference – Jan 2015.
  • Radiology and its implication in a trauma patient. A review of CT, X-ray, MRI and ultrasound modalities in the evaluation of the acute trauma patient and their respective benefits and weakness in forming a efficient and safe diagnostic algorithm. Departmental talk given to the Metro Health EM residency – Cleveland, Oct 2014.
  •  A evidence based evaluation of alpha Stat vs ph-Stat modes of ventilation in therapeutic hypothermia.