Women Physicians Day: Recognizing Women in EM Leadership

Now more than ever, Emergency Medicine is proud to have an ever-growing number of women in leadership positions in health care and the specialty. This representation provides important perspectives to Emergency Medicine. A diversity of ideas leads to better-informed decision making, and a diversity of physicians allows us to better serve the communities in which we work.

This year marks a momentous milestone for Emergency Medicine when most major organizations that serve the specialty’s community are led by women.

On this Women Physicians Day, we recognize not only the many current leaders in the field, but all those who preceded us, who led the way, who provided us guidance. We will endeavor to follow their footsteps, encourage and mentor another generation of women physicians to enter Emergency Medicine, and contribute to the advancement of the specialty.

Meet the Women Leaders in Emergency Medicine

Statements from AAEM’s and AAEM/RSA’s Leaders:

AAEM President

“It’s not a coincidence that the leaders of all the Emergency Medicine organizations are women physicians. Throughout history, women have been the traditional healers: midwives, apothecaries, wise women. Women are doers: We create, nurture, grow and sustain. Women are survivors: We get the job done with whatever resources we’re given, and we make it look good. Women are inclusive: We know each of our children and each of our patients are different and have something unique to contribute to the world, and it’s our job to make them healthy and strong so they can do so. The patients of women physicians do better- for all of those reasons and more.”


AAEM/RSA President

“It is an incredible honor to celebrate my first Women Physicians Day alongside these female giants in Emergency Medicine leadership. I am here today because of the encouragement, mentorship, and example of countless other strong women leaders I have encountered throughout my life. They showed me that with tenacity and grace, you can turn barriers into hurdles. I hope that by being a woman in a leadership role, I can continue to inspire more women to have their voices heard in our specialty through the pursuit of their passions and leadership. I also am very excited that I will be passing the baton of AAEM/RSA President on to another strong female leader next year. We are privileged that so many barriers for women have already been broken, and I only hope we can continue to be advocates for each other moving forward. Happy Women Physicians Day!”

– Lauren Lamparter, MD