Physicians and Patients Advocacy Summit 2024: Reclaiming the Profession of Medicine from Corporate Practice

Milwaukee, WI — The California Chapter of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (Cal/AAEM) in conjunction with Take Medicine Back, proudly announces the “Physicians and Patients Advocacy Summit 2024: Reclaiming the Profession of Medicine from Corporate Practice.” This pivotal event, to be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Palm Desert in Palm Desert, CA, aims to address the pressing issues surrounding the corporate practice of medicine and its impact on healthcare quality and access.

The summit will feature an array of presentations, including AAEM President Dr. Jonathan S. Jones’ address on the state of AAEM and advocacy efforts; a keynote by Brendan Ballou, author of “Plunder: Private Equity’s Plan to Pillage America” and a federal prosecutor; and special video presentations by U.S. Representative Katie Porter and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Additionally, Dr. Ming Lin will speak on due process and retaliation against physicians, and U.S. Congressman Raul Ruiz, MD, will contribute to the discussions. This diverse lineup ensures a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted issues facing modern healthcare, providing attendees with a broad spectrum of insights and solutions.

“It is a great tragedy of our time that American physicians are spending less and less time with their patients, due to the corporate takeover of medicine,” says Dr. Jesse Borke, president of Cal/AAEM. “This event brings together today’s leaders in medicine, economics, and law to call for enforcing and strengthening prohibitions on the corporate practice of medicine, to protect patients from corporate greed.”

“Over a century ago, physicians rejected the corporate practice of medicine during the Gilded Age, something that the American Medical Association refers to as ‘integral to … providing an ethical basis for the practice of medicine…’,” said Dr. Mitchell Li, Founder of Take Medicine Back. “How far we have fallen. Today, nearly three quarters of physicians are employed by increasingly consolidated and profit-oriented corporations. Private equity firms and corporate interests have infiltrated our profession at every level. State prohibitions on corporate practice lie dormant and unenforced. But momentum to hone, strengthen, and revive prohibitions on CPoM grows stronger by the day. It is past time for our profession to take medicine back.”

This event promises to be a landmark occasion for professionals and advocates committed to ensuring patient-centric healthcare. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in breakout sessions, plenary discussions, and network with peers.

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