Breaking News: Due Process Legislation to Protect EP’s Introduced in Congress

H.R. 6372

Dear AAEM Members,

Today, U.S. Congressman Chris Collins (R-New York) introduced federal legislation to protect due process rights for emergency physicians. This was the result of countless meetings with Members of Congress and staff on Capitol Hill, made possible by the tireless work of many leaders in the Academy and by many of you, who took the time to participate in and offer support to our advocacy efforts.

AAEM has worked closely with Congressman Collins’ office over the last several months, and is especially appreciative of the great leadership they have demonstrated on this issue. AAEM would also like to acknowledge Representatives Raul Ruiz (D-CA) and Pete Sessions (R-TX) who are also backing this effort. Now is the time to bring even more focus and energy to this effort, and we need your help to engage your Members of Congress and ask them to join this fight.

Here is a link to AAEM’s press release, and a link to the press release from Congressman Collins. In the coming days, we will follow up with materials including a sample letter that can be addressed to Members of Congress including the official bill number and text once it has been publicly posted via the Library of Congress website.

For over 25 years, AAEM has supported fair and equitable practice environments necessary to allow the specialist in emergency medicine to deliver the highest quality of patient care. We believe such an environment includes provisions for due process and this legislation is an important step in that direction.

Thank you again for your membership and critical support, and we will keep you updated on further developments as things progress in Congress.

David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM
President, AAEM