YPS-AAEM Member Spotlights

YPS-AAEM Member Spotlights are an opportunity to meet and learn from fellow physicians on their journey in emergency medicine. Our Spotlights allow members to share experiences and tips they have learned as well as highlight their leadership activities within AAEM. It also provides an opportunity to share your achievements and be recognized within the AAEM community.

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Current Member Spotlight

Greg H. Fischer, DO FAAEM – August 2023

About Dr. Fischer
Dr. Greg Fischer loves the challenge of a constantly changing environment. The teamwork with the nursing and ancillary staff that he has experienced in the ER is something unique to the specialty. He loves being a generalist and learning about every field in medicine which is unique skill an EM physician must have. He is motivated to taking care of people on their worst day and the constant quest for knowledge.

His favorite hobbies include fishing, rock climbing, and disc golf.

Why Dr. Fischer Joined YPS-AAEM
Dr. Fischer finds that advocating for the young physicians in Emergency Medicine is one of the most important things that can be done as an EM community. The first year of independent practice is one of the most challenging times in a physician’s career. YPS-AAEM has been integral in navigating this process for Dr. Fischer and has connected him to his local EM community. It has kept him involved in emerging issues that the EM community face and he looks forward to mentoring young physicians through this process in the future.

Recent Member Spotlights

Austin Smith, MD DiMM FAAEM – May 2023

About Dr. Smith
Dr. Austin Smith became an emergency physician because he appreciates the ability to provide care to anyone who walks through the door and have a wide skill set. (And, it’s also the best career for cocktail stories.) He’s motivated to improve care in his community and hopes to contribute to the field of emergency medicine.

Dr. Smith recently became the medical staff president at his hospital. He uses this opportunity to advocate for his group.

Snow skiing, mountain biking, and hiking are just a few things Dr. Smith enjoys in his free time!

Why Dr. Smith Joined YPS-AAEM
Dr. Smith joined YPS-AAEM because of the career development opportunities, including connections to mentors, career advice, and a free CV and cover letter review service. Plus, it’s a great way to get involved in AAEM by joining national committees and engaging in advocacy for our specialty.

Jack Allan, MD – April 2023

About Dr. Allan
Dr. Allan became an emergency physician because he finds purpose in being the person who can help patients and families face their healthcare challenges, whether it be in the setting of tragedy or as a coordinator in the access of definitive care. 

Outside of the ED, Dr. Allan enjoys traveling (both domestic and internationally), running, and cooking. He hopes to accomplish his goal of running a marathon post-residency!

Why Dr. Allan Joined YPS-AAEM
Dr. Allan joined YPS-AAEM because emergency medicine has many unique challenges, and YPS-AAEM offers him an opportunity to have a voice and be part of the solution as we work to advance emergency care delivery in this country. As a young attending physician, YPS-AAEM also offers him the opportunity get involved in an organization that very much aligns with his vision of emergency care in the US.

Jennifer McGowan, MD FAAEM FAWM – March 2023

About Dr. McGowan
Dr. McGowan became an emergency physician because she felt it is one of the true “old school” specialties of physicians. She wanted to be confident that she can manage any patient, any complaint, any time- regardless of the traditional barriers to care (lack of insurance, socioeconomic status, language barriers, etc). She wanted to practice medicine in it’s purest form, and be there for people on the worst day of their lives. Now, one of her main joys in her career is being able to honor this commitment while helping guide the next generation of emergency physicians as they find their own path in life. It’s the best job in the world!

Dr. McGowan loves to travel! She’s been fortunate to visit all 7 continents and is always looking forward to the next opportunity to explore the world. Like all good EM physicians, she enjoys anything outdoors and high adrenaline sports- hers comes in the form of riding and competing with her American Saddlebred horses. She’s also a cat mom to 3 wonderful kitties after learning her lesson about feeding (pregnant) strays.

Why Dr. McGowan Joined YPS-AAEM
Dr. McGowan wishes she had discovered YPS earlier in her career, but better late than never! After graduating residency, her focus was clinical work in a community setting. She thought this was where she would spend her entire career, but she soon realized how much she missed teaching and academics. She had admittedly let all of her professional memberships lapse (a common theme in the post residency grads, and a definite target group for outreach!) and fell out of touch. Upon shifting her focus back to a path towards academics, she began to explore the professional organizations to find which best represented her views and concerns – leading her directly to AAEM. She quickly found the YPS section and found similar minded young physicians who are ready to use their voices to shape the future of our specialty. She’s excited to get to work this year serving as a section councilor.