YPS-AAEM Mentoring

The Young Physicians Section promotes the professional development of its members and provides them with education consistent with the principles and activities of AAEM. This mentoring program was designed to provide young physicians with an opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with another physician who can offer advice, share experiences and provide career guidance. We invite you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to interact with your peers and become invested in your future.

Mentors are members from different regions of the U.S. and include those actively involved in community practice as well as academic emergency medicine.

Mentor Requirements

  • Must be an active AAEM Full Voting member for at least two years
  • Must be at least two years out of residency
  • Interested in promoting the growth and development of other emergency physicians
  • Willing to give advice and share experiences

Mentee Requirements

  • Open to all YPS-AAEM members.
  • To become a YPS-AAEM member, join now.

Register by clicking on the below applicable region to become a mentor/mentee.

You will be notified once your request has been received and your YPS-AAEM mentor will be in contact with you via your preferred method of contact. Please contact us if you have any questions about this service.