Locum Tenens Section

The AAEM Locum Tenens Section (LT-AAEM) empowers emergency physicians to regain their professional and fiscal autonomy through the incorporation of independent contracting. We believe that educated, confident, and business savvy emergency physicians are vital to a healthy market. LT-AAEM feels that empowered physicians will in turn have greater ability to advocate for high quality, safe provision of care in healthy workplace environments.

A Guide to Locum Tenens

A Guide to Locum Tenens

This guide will show you how to take that first step. We want you to have confidence that you can walk away from that job that has driven you into the ground and crushed your spirit.

RSA & LT-AAEM Webinar Website

Locum Tenens Webinar Series

Our webinar series is designed to change the way you think about your career and to help you feel confident looking for jobs, working with recruiters, negotiating your salary and benefits, and weighing legal considerations.

More About Locum Tenens Section


The AAEM Locum Tenens Section (LT-AAEM) was formed to address the unique needs of Emergency Physicians engaged or considering Locum Tenens work. The LT-AAEM will accomplish this through two main pillars; advocacy and education. Under the scope of education the section will develop educational resources and tools. Under the scope of advocacy the section will facilitate mentorship, network, and work/contract opportunities.

As a section of the Academy, activities of the Section will be in accordance with the standards established by the Academy. The purpose and mission statement of the Academy also extend to the Locum Tenens Section of AAEM (LT-AAEM).



Robert Mohr, MD FAAEM

Secretary/Finance Chair
Scott Hickey, MD FAAEM FACEP

Mitchell Louis Judge Li, MD FAAEM
Raviraj Patel, MD FAAEM

Board Liaison
Kimberly M. Brown, MD MPH FAAEM


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