The Emergency Medical Services Section of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (EMSS-AAEM) was founded to foster the professional development of its members and to educate them regarding emergency medical services. This year the Section is planning to expand education through a new webinar.

Opening Soon | Call for EMSS-AAEM Section Council Nominations

The EMSS-AAEM Section election is democratic – YOU nominate and elect your leaders! EMSS-AAEM is seeking nominations from EMSS-AAEM members for the 2023-24 Council term. If you know someone who will be a great leader for EMSS-AAEM, nominate them when EMSS-AAEM Leadership Nominations open!

Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged!

Nominations Open: Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Nominations Close: Monday, February 23, 2023

Positions Available (one-year term):

The Chair-Elect is elected by the section membership for a one year term. The Chair-Elect is responsible for:

  • Running and attending Section Council and Membership meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Assisting with managing the Section
  • Promoting the AAEM mission by increasing Section membership through recruiting new members
  • Developing valuable engaging member benefits for attendings.
  • Attend the bimonthly Section Leadership Committee meeting
  • Must be an AAEM member in good standing
  • Upon completion of the term, the Chair-Elect ascends to the role of Section Chair.

The Secretary/Finance Chair is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the finances and membership of the Section and attend Section Council and Membership meetings
  • Posting a short summary following Council meetings highlighting action, invitation and engagement items for members on MyAAEM and/or monthly newsletter
  • Engaging Section members through developing valuable member benefits and communicating with members via MyAAEM, email, social media and other resources
  • Must be an AAEM member in good standing.

The number of Councilors for each Section are defined by the bylaws. Councilors are responsible for:

  • Attending Section Council meetings (minimum 75% of meetings)
  • Serving as the workgroup lead for one or more activities/initiatives and/or events
  • Completing objectives by accepting task assignments and meeting deadlines
  • Participating in discussion and offer constructive criticism, as well as suggestions for future activities
  • Must be an AAEM member in good standing.

The number of Resident/Student Representatives for each Section are defined in the bylaws. Resident/Student Representatives are responsible for:

  • Attending Section Council & Membership meetings
  • Assisting with organizing webinars, networking and mentorship opportunities to recruit, engage, and sustain students and residents in the Section
  • Providing regular summaries and report-outs to the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors
  • Must be an AAEM/RSA member in good standing.

The representative is nominated and elected by membership.


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