Aging Well in Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Aging Well in Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Who We Are 

The AAEM Aging Well in Emergency Medicine Interest Group (AWEMIG) was founded to address issues and concerns for our community of experienced emergency medicine trained and board certified physicians as they enter the more senior phase of their career. As our specialty matures, there are a growing number of mature emergency medicine physicians. The AWEMIG would provide a forum for issues specific to this cohort of AAEM members. There is no age limit for AAEM AWEMIG members, as the issues may be relevant to different individuals at slightly different ages depending on the track of their career and lives.



Marianne Haughey, MD MAAEM FAAEM

Kevin C. Reed, MD FAAEM
Board Liaison

Joshua Klimek
Staff Liaison

Our Projects

Areas of Interest and Discussion

Areas of interest and for discussion to include but not limited to the following:

  • Financial planning for retirement
  • Transitions
    • Considering other roles for the skill set one has acquired beyond straight clinical care
    • Career transition from current role to another
      • how to best support a successor
      • how to create opportunity in a role that may be a novel addition to the department/ medical school/ hospital
    • Transition from full time employment to part time or retirement
  • Mentorship
    • Identifying the rewards and most effective ways of providing mentorship to other
    • Providing a venue to allow for the more senior physician to find mentorship during this stage
    • AWEMIG to potentially development official mentorship programs
  • Advocating for policies that can support physicians as they age
  • Family Issues of Mature Physicians
    • ​Elder Care of Parents
    • Care/Challenges of Adult Children
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