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The Speaker Development Group matches emerging interested individuals who would like to be national speakers with a mentor who is a nationally recognized AAEM speaker. The goal for the Speaker Development Group is to help mentees become confident, polished, and engaged speakers.

The Speaker Development Group relationship is mentee led. The Mentors have said, “If you want to get better at speaking, I’m here for you.”


2021 – 2022 Speaker Development Group Mentees

Molly Boyd, MD
Presenting ‘Emerging Drugs of Abuse’ at Scientific Assembly
Emerging Drugs of Abuse
Mentor: Dr. Richard Shih


Neil Dasgupta, MD FAAEM
Presenting ‘Level up Your Cardiac Arrest Care’ at Scientific Assembly
Level Up Your Cardiac Arrest Care
Mentor: Dr. Peter DeBlieux


Presenting ‘Efficiency in the Emergency Department’ at Scientific Assembly
Efficiency in the Emergency Department
Mentor: Dr. Michael Winters


Mercy Hylton, MD FAAEM
Presenting ‘Protecting Our Patients: How a Grassroots Physician Effort Prevented NP Independent Practice in Indiana’ at Scientific Assembly
Protecting Our Patients: How a Grassroots Physician Effort Prevented NP Independent Practice in Indiana
Mentor: Dr. Joelle Borhart

Scott Leuchten, DO FAAEM
Presenting ‘A-fib, Is Not the Final Answer’ at Scientific Assembly
A-fib, Is Not the Final Answer
Mentor: Dr. Corey Slovis


Neeraja Murali, DO MPH FAAEM
Presenting ‘ED Violence: One Physician's Experience as a Victim’ at Scientific Assembly
ED Violence: One Physician's Experience as a Victim
Mentor: Dr. Mimi Lu


Lauren Murphy, MD FAAEM
Presenting ‘Phun with Physo: Bringing Physostigmine Back to the Emergency Room’ at Scientific Assembly
Phun with Physio: Bringing Physostigmine Back to the Emergency Room
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Lex


2021 – 2022 Speaker Development Group Mentors


Joelle Borhart, MD FAAEM FACEP




Peter M.C. DeBlieux, MD FAAEM




Joseph R. Lex Jr., MD MAAEM FAAEM








Amal Mattu, MD FAAEM




Richard D. Shih, MD FAAEM






Michael E. Winters, MD MBA FAAEM



Kevin Reed, MD FAAEM interviews past mentees of the Speaker Development Group, Afrah Ali, MBBS FAAEM; Gregory Wu, MD FAAEM; and Vonzella Bryant, MD FAAM



To be eligible as a mentee, the individual should have:

  • Demonstrated initiative – The ideal candidate would lead and value the mentor relationship and take responsibility for at least four communication touch-points within the year and follow-up with mentor using available resources (Skype, videos, streaming, etc.) if not matched within close geographical area.
  • Current AAEM membership – participation in the AAEM Speaker Development Group is a member benefit.  AAEM Full Voting members, Associate members, and Fellow-in-Training members are eligible to participate as mentees.   Join AAEM or renew your membership today!
  • No formal speaking experience or training required.

The Speaker Development Group leadership selects nationally recognized AAEM speakers to serve as mentors.


2021-2022 Key Dates

  • August 2-September 30: Candidate application portal open
  • August 2-October 14: Candidates read text assignment
  • October 14: Candidate book summary due
  • November: Committee review and match candidates
  • November-December: Phase 1: Idea Set
  • December-January: Phase 2: Slide Design
  • February-March: Phase 4: 2nd Delivery and Review of Presentation
  • December-January: Phase 4: 2nd Delivery and Review of Presentation
  • March 23: ~Milestone~ Go/No Go confirmation for speaking at AAEM22 Scientific Assembly*
  • March 23: Mentee to confirm travel arrangements (hotel, conference registration, flight, etc.)
  • April 23-27: AAEM22 Hilton Baltimore

*To qualify to speak at AAEM22, mentees must actively submit materials on time and engage with their mentor for each activity noted.


2021-2022 Application Instructions

Mentee applications are due September 30, 2021. After submitting your application, you are required to submit three additional items prior to October 14, 2021: video, book summary, and a talk/title Breve Dulce proposal to speak at AAEM22.

1) Complete the application form.
Application Deadline: September 30, 2021
2) Submit a video.
Upload a video (MP4, MOV, or M4V format) to the Google Drive folder here. Please name the file with your Last Name, First Name (i.e. Jones, Jamie). Applicants are required to submit a video with the following information:
  1. Your name and institution and a brief summary of your training and passion in emergency medicine
  2. Previous speaking experience
  3. Mentoring experience or summary on what have you done to improve your public speaking skills
  4. Expectations/what you hope to gain from the Speaker Development Group

The video should be no more than 4 minutes in length.

Video Upload Deadline: October 14, 2021

3) Submit a proposal to speak at AAEM22.
Mentees in the Speaker Development Group program are offered a Breve Dulce (7 minute talk / up to 25 slides) speaker slot at the next Scientific Assembly. To assist in the conference planning process, you are asked to submit a proposed talk title now. For ideas on previous Breve Dulce titles, please visit the AAEM21 Preliminary Program. Visit the AAEM22 website to learn more and complete the educational proposal form.

Speaking Proposal Submission Deadline: October 14, 2021

4) Complete a reading summary.
Applicants are required to read “Secrets of Successful Speakers: How You Can Motivate, Captivate, and Persuade” by Lilly Walters and provide a one page summary of three take-aways. Submit summary via email to Rebecca Sommer, AAEM Education Program Manager at rsommer@aaem.org.

Reading Summary Deadline: October 14, 2021

AAEM will follow up with candidates in November 2021.


Mentee Benefits and Expectations

  • Guidance and direction from a highly respected, AAEM nationally recognized speaker to enhance speaking skills and content
  • Quarterly check-ins with your mentor
    • Quarter 1: Set goals and get initial guidance for speaking engagements and confirm topic
    • Quarter 2: Develop slides and content
    • Quarter 3: Delivery and review of Presentation
    • Quarter 4: Give newly improved presentation and discuss next steps
  • Mentees are responsible for keeping in contact with their mentors throughout the year-long process. The process is mentee led. 


Past Mentees


Afrah Abdul Wahid Ali, MBBS
Andrew M. Bazakis, MD FAAEM
Jessica Fleisher-Black, MD FAAEM
Mohamed Hagahmed, MD
Roberta Enes, MD
Marco Propersi, DO
Stephanie (Goike) Schley, MD FAAEM
Gregory Wu, MD FAAEM

2019-2020 Mentees

Vonzella Bryant, MD FAAEM
Jason Hine, MD FAAEM
Demis Lipe, MD FAAEM
Daphne Morrison Ponce, MD FAAEM
Patricia De Melo Panakos, MD FAAEM
Alexis Salerno, MD FAAEM
Randy Sorge, MD
Celine Thum, MD FAAEM

2018-2019 Mentees

Jeffrey A. Baker, MD FAAEM
Maite A. Huis in 't Veld, MD FAAEM
Robert P. Lam, MD FAAEM
Samreen Vora, MD MHAM
Matthew D. Zuckerman, MD FAAEM

2017-2018 Mentees

Matthew P. Borloz, MD FAAEM
Mike Gottlieb, MD RDMS FAAEM
Danya Khoujah, MBBS FAAEM
Andrew Phillips, MD MEd FAAEM
Kraftin Schreyer, MD CMQ FAAEM
Erica Simon, DO MHA MPH 


What Past Participants Have Shared

  • “Mike Winters provided excellent feedback and advice for a recent lecture at an outside institution.”
  • “Dr. Mattu is a world-class speaker, and his willingness to help develop future speakers is awesome.”
  • “Connecting with and working with rising speakers. Great fun.” (Mentor quote)
  • “The direct access to experienced speaking experts is a definite highlight of the program. Mike Winters was very approachable and gave excellent advice.”



Contact Rebecca Sommer, AAEM Education Program Manager at rsommer@aaem.org or 800-884-2236.



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