Who We Are 

The AAEM Legal Committee monitors the emergency medicine legal arena to provide information to members regarding medical legal matters as it relates to the administrative and clinical practice of emergency medicine. They provide research and legal opinions/interpretations to the Executive Committee and board of directors on specific medico-legal issues. They also write white papers and/or articles for Common Sense on current/recurring medico-legal issues that impact AAEM members.


Malia J. Moore, MD FAAEM

Melanie S. Heniff, MD JD MHA
Vice Chair

Tom Scaletta, MD MAAEM FAAEM
Board Liaison

Ashley Allgood
Staff Liaison

Our Projects

Remarkable Testimony Database

The committee created the Remarkable Testimony Database to inform Academy members about expert witnesses whose testimony in emergency medicine cases is “remarkable.” Committee members have written articles on legal issues in emergency medicine for Common Sense.

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Contract Resources for Emergency Physicians

Read articles and listen to podcasts related to emergency physician contracts.

Contract Resources
Common Sense Articles
How to Join

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