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American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Presidential Action Items

In the May/June issue of Common Sense, AAEM president, Kevin Rodgers, MD FAAEM, encourages every member to do three things:

  1. Listen to Larry Weiss's podcast on due process. Listen here.
  2. Sign the AAEM due process petition - your support of this petition will back both our advocacy efforts in D.C. with Congress/CMS as well as individual legal battles in due process cases. Sign the petition.
  3. Consider a contribution to the AAEM Foundation - At the discretion of the Foundation’s BOD, Foundation funds have/will be used to defray legal expenses incurred by individual EM physicians fighting termination without due process cases. Donate today.


AAEM Physician Group

The brightest future for EM physicians is when they own their practice.

It is time for a new era in EM physician group management. The AAEM Physician Group (AAEM-PG) holds true to the values that have guided AAEM for over 20 years: fairness, transparency and unyielding dedication to the welfare of the individual emergency physician.

  • Be part of a practice where physicians take care of each other and you have an equal voice
  • Be part of a practice that is run by the local physicians for the physicians
  • Be one of the few EM physicians who see what is billed and paid in their name

Visit the AAEM-PG website today!

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