American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Speaker Development Group

The AAEM Education Committee is delighted to announce the debut of the new Speaker Development Group to match emerging interested individuals who would like to be national speakers with a mentor relationship with a nationally recognized AAEM speaker. The goal for the Speaker Development Group is to encourage and develop skills of emerging national presenters.

Program Dates: May 1, 2017 - May 1, 2018


Why Should I Apply?

Amal Mattu, MD FAAEM Kevin Reed, MD FAAEM Evie Marcolini, MD FAAEM FCCM

Dr. Amal Mattu, MD FAAEM speaks with Dr. Kevin Reed, MD FAAEM and Dr. Evie Marcolini, MD FAAEM FCCM, active members on the AAEM Education Committee. Drs. Reed and Marcolini share more information on the program and tips for applying.

  • Are you looking to enhance your public speaking and lecturing skills?
  • Do you want to be part of the EM lecture circuit?
  • Would you like to enhance the presentations you give at your program or hospital?
  • Then we encourage you to apply!

Listen to Drs. Mattu, Reed, and Marcolini discuss the new Speaker Development Group!

Program Highlights

Mentee benefit:

  • Guidance and direction from a highly respected, AAEM nationally recognized speaker to enhance speaking skills and content

To be eligible as a mentee, the individual should have:

  • Demonstrated initiative – The ideal candidate would lead and value the mentor relationship and take responsibility for at least four communication touch-points within the year and follow-up with mentor using available resources (Skype, videos, streaming, etc.) if not matched within close geographical area.
  • Current AAEM membership  - participation in the AAEM Speaker Development Group is a member benefit.
  • No Formal speaking experience or training required.


Apply Today!

Interested candidates should submit a video by Monday, April 3rd, 2017. The short (less than four minute) video should clearly identify:

  1. Your name and institution and a brief summary of your training and passion in emergency medicine.
  2. Summarize your previous speaking experience.
  3. Describe previous mentoring received or explain what you have done to improve your public speaking skills.
  4. Define what you hope to gain from the AAEM mentorship program.

Deadline: April 3rd, 2017

If selected for the Speaker Development Group, the mentee will benefit from coaching and mentorship from one of AAEM’s top national speakers. Please contact Kathy Uy, AAEM Meetings Manager at kuy@aaem.org for more information.