26th Annual Scientific Assembly


Thank you to over 300 interested individuals for submitting a proposal to speak at AAEM20. The planning subcommittee is taking the next few months to review and plan the educational program for the 26th Annual Scientific Assembly. We are delighted with the response and interest to speak at AAEM20!

We will follow up with everyone who submitted a proposal by December. If you have questions along the process, please contact Kathy Uy, AAEM Senior Meetings Manager at kuy@aaem.org.

AAEM20 is proudly the premier clinical conference in emergency medicine. Pre-conference courses will be held Sunday, April 19 and Monday morning April 20, 2020. The conference begins Monday, April 20th at 12:45pm and ends Thursday, April 23rd at 12:00pm. Times are subject to change.

What’s next? Watch for the AAEM20 Competitions to open in Fall 2019.


Looking to Hone Your Skills?
Apply for the Speaker Development Group!

The Speaker Development Group matches emerging interested individuals who would like to be national speakers with a mentor who is a nationally recognized AAEM speaker. The goal for the Speaker Development Group is to help mentees become confident, polished and engaged speakers.

The goal of the AAEM Speaker Development Group is to help mentees become a confident, polished, and engaged speaker. The Speaker Development Group relationship is mentee led. The Mentors have said, “If you want to get better at speaking, I’m here for you.”