The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Section (JEDI-AAEM) is sponsoring an Underrepresented Member Outreach Program to build relationships with potential AAEM members at AAEM23 and encourage them to join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM. Current AAEM members are encouraged to nominate Black and/or Indigenous people of color to attend AAEM23 with a waived deposit fee (normally $250).

Nominees must be:

  • Black and/or Indigenous people of color
  • Attending emergency physicians
  • Not current members of AAEM
  • Willing to join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM to participate

Members will be prompted to provide the nominee physician’s full name, email address, and a brief statement of why you are nominating them. Please use one form per person. Limit of 5 guests per member. By accepting this invitation, the nominee will receive a complimentary conference registration (as an AAEM member benefit) with no deposit required (as a participant of this program).

To qualify for the AAEM23 program, the nominee will be required to join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM prior to receiving the discount code and registration link. Please send the nominee the link to join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM before submitting their nomination for waived AAEM23 registration. The deadline for the nominee to join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM is March 24, 2023.

Once staff has confirmed the nominee has joined AAEM and JEDI-AAEM, a code will be provided for them to use when registering. They will be prompted, if interested, to register for additional pre-conference courses and networking events on their own.

If you would like to sponsor the membership(s) for your nominee(s), please contact AAEM at 800-884-2236 and ask for Erica.

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