29th Annual Scientific Assembly

The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Section (JEDI-AAEM) is sponsoring an Underrepresented Member Outreach Program to build relationships with potential AAEM members at AAEM23 and encourage them to join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM. Current AAEM members are encouraged to nominate Black and/or Indigenous people of color to attend AAEM23 with a waived deposit fee (normally $250).

Nominees must be:

  • Black and/or Indigenous people of color
  • Attending emergency physicians
  • Not current members of AAEM
  • Willing to join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM to participate

During the registration process, members will be prompted to include your nominee(s) contact information and why you are inviting them during the AAEM23 registration process. AAEM staff will contact your nominee(s) based on eligibility with further instructions. A condition of accepting the invitation is the guest must join AAEM and JEDI-AAEM before March 23, 2023. By accepting this invitation, the nominee will receive a complimentary conference registration (as an AAEM member benefit) with no deposit required (as a participant of this program).
After joining AAEM and JEDI-AAEM, a code will be provided for them to use when registering. They will be prompted, if interested, to register for additional pre-conference courses and networking events on their own.

If you would like to nominate someone after you register for AAEM23, please log into your AAEM23 conference registration profile and complete the prompt. You will be asked to provide the physician’s full name, email address, and a brief statement of why you are nominating them. Please use one form per person. Limit of 5 guests per member. If you would like to sponsor the membership of your nominee(s), please contact AAEM at 800-884-2236 and ask for Erica.

If you have any questions, please email Kathy Uy, AAEM Senior Meetings Manager, or call 414-276-7390.