Emergency Medicine Operations Management

Common ED Operations Myths, Part 1 - What myths are we facing?

Joseph Guarisco, MD FAAEMJoseph Guarisco, MD FAAEM
Tom Scaletta, MD FAAEMTom Scaletta, MD FAAEM
Joseph Guarisco, MD FAAEM, ED Chair at Ochsner Hospital (New Orleans, LA) and Co-Chair of the AAEM Operations Management Committee, interviews Joseph Twanmoh, MD MBA FAAEM, Co-Chair of the AAEM Operations Management Committee and Senior Vice President of MS2, a health care consulting firm. In part one of this episode, Drs. Guarisco and Twanmoh discuss common myths in ED operations surrounding crowding and ED throughput. Intro music by SaReGaMa, 'Sky is the Limit,' from the album 'Sky is the Limit,' powered by JAMENDO.


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