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Why Don’t EM Physicians Reproduce

I agree with your statements but would like to add one: The use of patient satisfaction surveys negate the importance of expert emergency care provided by board certified EPs.

If the patient is always right, then you do not need the expertise of a trained EP. If achieving high satisfaction scores by meeting unrealistic preconceived notions propagated by non-physicians and marketing executives has become the current goal in EDs across the country, the EPs will be forced to choose between providing good care and self-preservation.

Under this current system, we don’t need any more experts. Every patient is their own expert. Until we start demanding to be treated like the limited resource that we are, this will not change.

— Dave Bryant, DO FAAEM

Thank you for your letter and I couldn’t agree more. Multiple recent studies have explored the relationship between patient satisfaction and outcomes and I presume that many more studies are underway. I am proud of the family of medicine’s commitment to practice evidence based medicine and willingness to change practice based on that evidence. I am interested to see if administrators will be similarly committed to changing practice based on evidence.

— The Assistant Editor

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