Common Sense: President's Message

New Look, Same Values: Introducing the New AAEM Logo

Issue: May/June 2018

Author: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM
President, AAEM


Record Attendance at AAEM18

I want to share my sincere gratitude to the membership of AAEM for another fantastic Scientific Assembly. The 24th Annual Scientific Assembly (AAEM18) in San Diego featured five days of outstanding education, seven pre-conference courses, four new themed tracks, 130 speakers, four wellness-focused events, and social events, all surrounding the theme of “Breaking Down Barriers.” I’m pleased to announce we reached a record attendance of 1,279 attendees! As always, Scientific Assembly continues to be a FREE benefit for Academy members. I encourage everyone to join us next year in March 2019 in Las Vegas for our 25th anniversary year.

I would like to recognize Dr. Evie Marcolini and Dr. Joelle Borhart, the 2018 Scientific Assembly co-chairs, and the entire AAEM18 planning committee, for their dedication and devotion to education in making this year’s Scientific Assembly a huge success. I would also like to thank each and every speaker for taking the time to prepare and deliver your lectures, without you, our success and high standard of education would not be possible.

I also want to recognize the un-sung heroes who work ceaselessly behind the scenes to make sure all of the puzzle pieces fit; thank you to our entire staff at EDI for your continued dedication and efforts.

Many long-time members and brand new faces participated in one of our many in-person committee, interest group, section, or chapter division meetings. I want to challenge all members to take part in the energy and enthusiasm generated in these meetings as we carry on the work of the Academy into the year ahead. Find a committee or section related to your interests and join in on their important work.


Introducing the “Dr. Kevin G. Rodgers Memorial Fund” of the Institute for Leadership, Education & Advancement in the Development of Emergency Medicine, Inc. (LEAD-EM)

In San Diego, we were honored to be joined by the family of our late president, friend, and mentor, Dr. Kevin G. Rodgers. Dr. Rodgers’ wife, Ruth, three of his four sons, and his niece were in attendance to accept the Master of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (MAAEM) and David K. Wagner awards in his memory. The MAAEM designation honors senior AAEM fellows who have demonstrated a long career of extraordinary service to AAEM and service as an exemplary clinician and/or teacher of emergency medicine. The David K. Wagner Award recognizes individuals who have had a meaningful impact on the field of emergency medicine and who have contributed significantly to the promotion of AAEM's goals and objectives.


Ruth Rodgers, Dr. Rodgers’ wife, accepts the David K. Wagner Award in memory of Dr. Rodgers
Patrick Rodgers, Dr. Rodgers’ son, accepts the MAAEM Award in memory of Dr. Rodgers
The Rodgers Family

As a continuing memorial to Dr. Rodgers’ impact on emergency medicine education, AAEM has established The AAEM Institute for Leadership, Education & Advancement in the Development of Emergency Medicine, Inc. (LEAD-EM). The Kevin G. Rodgers Fund and the Institute will “LEAD-EM” just like Dr. Rodgers did. The funds will support important projects such as development of leadership qualities, and clinical and operational knowledge of emergency physicians with a view toward improving and advancing the quality of medical care in emergency medicine, and public health, safety and well-being overall. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please visit: As the president, I personally donated $500 and challenged the entire board to do the same, I would challenge each and every one of you to find it in your heart and donate whatever you feel is appropriate and that you can afford.

Dr. Mark Reiter, joined by the AAEM Executive Committee and the Rodgers Family, announces the creation of the Kevin G. Rodgers Fund of LEAD-EM

New Look. Same Values.

One piece of the strategic plan of the Board of Directors of AAEM over the past year has been to better communicate the mission of the organization to members and non-member emergency physicians. As you know, AAEM is the leader within our field in preserving the integrity of the physician-patient relationship by fighting for a future in which all patients have access to board certified emergency physicians and physician rights are protected. The Board of Directors created a Marketing Task Force, with the goal of updating our logo, tagline, and website to better communicate the important work of the Academy.

At AAEM18, we made the exciting debut of the brand new AAEM logo, tagline, and the redesigned I would like to thank the Marketing Task Force: Megan Healy, MD FAAEM , Brian Potts, MD FAAEM; Jason Hine, MD FAAEM; Manish Garg, MD FAAEM; and task force chair, for their hard work in completing this rebranding.

The shield represents the idea of advocacy, with AAEM as the defender of emergency medicine. The torch represents our role as a leader, lighting the path toward physician autonomy. We kept the continuity of colors as a nod to the proud tradition of the organization and the leaders that paved the way. The impactful new tagline “champion of the emergency physician” speaks for itself. We look forward to the continued growth of the academy and we appreciate your membership and support! Visit to learn more about the story behind the new logo.

Dr. Megan Healy (chair) and Dr. Brian Potts of the Marketing Task Force unveil the new AAEM logo

Looking Forward

Over the next two years as your president, my goal is to focus on increasing membership and increasing the academy’s budget. You might ask yourself, “Why pay my dues?” When I talk to many residents in our union, I tell them it is an investment in their future. An investment: to improve your work environment, to stand up and represent yourself on issues such as due process & board certification, and to continue to receive great member benefits like the free Scientific Assembly.

My commitment is to increase our advocacy efforts, not only by our Washington representatives, but also at a grassroots level. I hope to have each and every one of our members participate in letter/email writing to their legislative representatives when a bill is presented that effects how we practice. Paying your dues on an annual or multi-year basis is a great first step, I challenge you to take the next step and invest even more in your future by becoming involved with the Academy. You do not purchase car/home/health insurance and ask what do they do, you’re happy when you have to use them. Tell a friend, tell your colleagues to join. Join because we are looking for great people that want a brighter future. Looking for a way to start right now? I invite you to join us in Washington, D.C. on June 11 and 12 for our Health Policy in Emergency Medicine Symposium and Advocacy Day. You will get an introduction to the advocacy process. No prior Hill experience necessary — just knowledge of caring for patients and a passion for improving the health care system. Join us for hands-on experience in the congressional process and what affects you as an emergency provider.


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