Common Sense

President's Message

March/April 2020

It’s Enough….

As, I write my last president’s message, I have been reflecting on the last 27 months. Thank you for the amazing opportunity you gave me to earn your trust and support. My last president’s message will be a call to action. Read more.

January/February 2020

Taking a Stand on the Independent Practice of APPs

As you are reading this issue, I want to take the time to wish you all and your loved ones, a happy and healthy new year. As you might be aware, AAEM has taken a strong stance around the role of the advanced practice provider (APP) in emergency centers across the nation. Read more.

November/December 2019

MEMC19: An Inclusive and Collaborative Educational Experience

AAEM held its bi-annual international conference, the Xth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC19) this past September in Dubrovnik, Croatia at the Sun Gardens Hotel. Read more.

September/October 2019

EM Physicians Treat All

Since my last message, I had the opportunity to represent the Academy in Hawaii for the National Medical Association Meeting and then in the latter part of August... Read more.

July/August 2019

Boldly Moving Forward: Learning to Be Proactive Rather than Reactive

In the past several months, I have been traveling and lecturing to students, residents, and attendings, at both community hospitals and at academic programs... Read more.

May/June 2019

Thank You for Another Successful Scientific Assembly!

I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who made the 25th Annual Scientific Assembly a great success! Read more.

March/Arpil 2019

Two Years Since Summa: What Have We Learned?

It has been fascinating to watch the story continue to unfold with Summa Health and U.S. Acute Care Solutions (USACS)... Read more.

January/February 2019

AAEM Signs On to Support AFFIRM

On November 7, 2018 the National Rifle Association (NRA) tweeted, “Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane... Read more.

November/December 2018

Do You Work at a CMG? AAEM Needs You!

By now, the kids are back in school, academic centers are getting swamped with rotating medical students... Read more.

September/October 2018

Due Process...Or the Lack of It

When I speak at emergency medicine residencies nationwide about what AAEM stands for, it still amazes me that... Read more.

July/August 2018

Coming Back to Life … Let’s Break the Silence!

This will not be another article on wellness, but rather about the reality of the effects of lack of wellness... Read more.

May/June 2018

New Look, Same Values: Introducing the New AAEM Logo

I want to share my sincere gratitude to the membership of AAEM for another fantastic Scientific Assembly... Read more.

March/April 2018

Due Process: Why It Is So Important

I just finished reading a very stimulating article that drew an interesting comparison between the airline industry and... Read more.

January/February 2018

What Ever Happened to "How May I Help You"?

We need your brain power, your expertise, your service, your involvement, and your infectious energy. Read more.