Common Sense

From the Editor's Desk

September/October 2020

People are People

So how do you spend your COVID downtime? Some of us have been working extremely hard in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Other emergency physicians who work in less affected areas have seen huge decreases in patient volumes or decreased hours and shifts. Read more.

July/August 2020

Making a Difference

Let’s think back to when you opened that envelope and learned that you had been accepted into medical school. You dreamed of saving lives and helping people and making your mother proud. No matter where any of us ended up in our medical career, I think all of us at some point were idealistic and thought that we could “make a difference.” Read more.

May/June 2020

The Moral Dilemma of COVID-19

Certainly, there is only one issue which is dominating all thoughts, prayers, and efforts on our planet right now and it is COVID-19. Hopefully where you are, your life and practice will only be incredibly inconvenienced and that your family, your community, and your hospital will be spared the worst of this pandemic. Read more.

March/April 2020

A Thick Skin

An essential skill for the wellness of any emergency physician is the ability to cordially and professionally interact with the doctors in person or on the other end of the phone whom we contact for admissions, consults, and follow-up. This skill is difficult to teach, but is essential for success from both a professional standing and wellness point-of-view. Read more.

January/February 2020

The Meaning of an Election

We are approaching election season again, which in our current world brings up many mixed emotions, and sadly can tend to disintegrate into complaints and allegations related to the system and the individuals involved. Read more.

November/December 2019

The State Board

The issue of independent practice for nurse practitioners seems to be heating up around the country. Many states have already enacted statutes which give nurse practitioners the right to practice independently of a physician. Read more.

September/October 2019

Provider Satisfaction

Your practice, I am sure, is being graded and evaluated based on some sort of patient satisfaction score. You and your department probably receive quarterly to even daily reports of your ability to “wow” your patients. Read more.

July/August 2019

The Fox and the Hedgehog

We all know that an emergency department is a stressful place to work. During any shift we can see, and personally experience, an array of responses to
stress and challenges... Read more.

May/June 2019

Emergency Medicine Wellness Bill of Rights

Sitting in an airport after leaving the latest AAEM Scientific Assembly is a place for me to reflect upon the last several days... Read more.

March/April 2019

AAEM Opposes NP and PA Independent Practice

Talk to any emergency medicine resident, and you’ll hear how the incredible burden of student loans looms over them... Read more.

January/February 2019

The Gap

AAEM completed a membership survey of the active membership in an effort to know what our members are thinking... Read more.

November/December 2018

The Tribe

In my last article, I discussed the sadly common feeling of despair in our specialty... Read more.

September/October 2018

I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore!

If you have never seen the brilliant movie, Network, you should find it and watch it as soon as you can... Read more.

July/August 2018


A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Read more.

May/June 2018

The Real Threat?

Emergency medicine will face many significant challenges in the coming years... Read more.

March/April 2018

The Hamster Wheel

Do you ever feel like a hamster running endlessly on a wheel while you are working a shift in the emergency department? Read more.

January/February 2018

What is ACEP Thinking?

An emergency physician who grew up in the 21st century may not know or appreciate the complex history of emergency medicine. Read more.