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July/August 2020

Disability and Life...Another Option!

Young doctors are the ripest of "low hanging fruit" for insurance sales agents. You will have, early in your training, friendly, affectionate, insurance sales people tracking you like a pack of slobbering hounds. Read more.

May/June 2019

Three Questions

As I progress in my career, I find myself getting busier and busier. Some of it is my own doing... Read more.

March/April 2019

Books, Blogs, and Podcasts to Check Out in 2019

Whether you like it or not, you have a second job. That second job is managing your personal finances... Read more.

January/February 2019

Fidelity’s Free Mutual Funds and the Resulting Fidelity Mania

If you read financial blogs or follow the financial news, you probably read multiple articles about... Read more.

November/December 2018

Rich Grandpa, Poor Grandpa

Unlike Robert Kiyosaki, I only have one Dad. I did have two grandfathers though... Read more.

September/October 2018

How Much Value Can a Financial Advisor Add?

I manage most of my finances, but I regularly get help from a Certified Financial Planner from Vanguard. I figure that it can only help to get an expert second opinion... Read more.

July/August 2018

Size Does Matter...For Your Expense Ratio

Whether you are managing your investments by yourself or getting help, you need to understand one critical concept... Read more.

May/June 2018

Lessons to Learn from the Early 2018 10% Stock Market Decline

In early 2018, the US stock market took about a 10% dive, followed by a partial recovery... Read more.

March/April 2018

Highlights from 2017 Physician Compensation Reports

Over the last month I’ve looked at a few physician compensation reports from 2017. Read more.

January/February 2018

Saving for College

Only a small percentage of students get enough financial aid to cover their tuition, housing, books, and fees. Read more.

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