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Current Issue: November/December 2019

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President's Message

  November/December 2019

MEMC19: An Inclusive and Collaborative Educational Experience

Author: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM

AAEM held its bi-annual international conference, the Xth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC19) this past September in Dubrovnik, Croatia at the Sun Gardens Hotel.

  September/October 2019

EM Physicians Treat All

Author: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM

Since my last message, I had the opportunity to represent the Academy in Hawaii for the National Medical Association Meeting and then in the latter part of August...

From the Editor's Desk

  November/December 2019

The State Board

Author: Andy Mayer, MD FAAEM

The issue of independent practice for nurse practitioners seems to be heating up around the country. Many states have already enacted statutes which give nurse practitioners the right to practice independently of a physician.

  September/October 2019

Provider Satisfaction

Author: Andy Mayer, MD FAAEM

Your practice, I am sure, is being graded and evaluated based on some sort of patient satisfaction score. You and your department probably receive quarterly to even daily reports of your ability to “wow” your patients.

Featured Articles

  November/December 2019

Development of a Focused Designation of Clinical Practice in Ultrasound

Author: Melissa Myers, MD FAAEM and Alexis Salerno, MD

Emergency physicians have been an essential part of the development of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS). In the 1970s, POCUS started as part of the trauma resuscitation.

  September/October 2019

Queuing Patients in the Emergency Department: Can It Work?

Author: Andrea Blome, MD

What is queuing theory? Queuing theory originated more than a century ago from the study of telephone delays and congestion.

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