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Current Issue: July/August 2021

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President's Message

  July/August 2021

The State of the Academy: It’s GREAT

Author: Lisa A. Moreno, MD MS MSCR FAAEM FIFEM

When you read this, you will have returned, physically or virtually, from what I believe (writing this in early June) is going to be the most fantastic post-isolation reunion of emergency physicians. AAEM will have hosted the first in-person meeting in EM since March 2020.

  May/June 2021

What Does Leadership Look Like? (Part 2)

Author: Lisa A. Moreno, MD MS MSCR FAAEM FIFEM

Welcome to Part 2 of “What Does Leadership Look Like?” Part 1 (Common Sense 28:2, March/April issue) covered the first five of the qualities of a good leader that emerged from the discussions taking place during Leadership Academy. Today, we look at the other five.

From the Editor's Desk

  July/August 2021

The New Threat

Author: Andy Mayer, MD FAAEM

Well another Scientific Assembly has concluded in St. Louis. The very fact that it was held at all was a minor miracle with all of the uncertainties and challenges which COVID presented. The discussion and decisions which had to be made to make this meeting happen were significant, but AAEM held a hybrid in-person and virtual meeting and over 400 emergency physicians gathered in St. Louis for the conference.

  May/June 2021

Diversity of Priorities and Talents

Author: Andy Mayer, MD FAAEM

This last year will be one of those times long from now that you will tell your grandchildren stories about and reflect on the trials and tribulations, which you have faced. I suspect this will be similar to our elders reminiscing about the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassination, or similar epic type events from our communal past. The turmoil related to COVID, George Floyd, and the 2020 election will probably stand out in our minds forever.

Dollars & Sense

  July/August 2020

Disability and Life...Another Option!

Author: Mark Borden, MD FAAEM

Young doctors are the ripest of "low hanging fruit" for insurance sales agents. You will have, early in your training, friendly, affectionate, insurance sales people tracking you like a pack of slobbering hounds.

  May/June 2019

Three Questions

Author: Joel M. Schofer, MD MBA CPE FAAEM

As I progress in my career, I find myself getting busier and busier. Some of it is my own doing...

Featured Articles

  July/August 2021

An Interview with Representative Mark Green, MD

Author: Lisa A. Moreno, MD MS MSCR FAAEM FIFEM

Welcome to the second installment of our new Common Sense column, designed to help you get to know your legislators, understand the legislative process and how you can influence it, and strengthen the Academy’s relationship with our lawmakers for the purpose of improving the working conditions of physicians and the health care of the nation. This issue, we interview Congressman Dr. Mark Green (R-TN). Rep. Green is an emergency physician and has recently introduced health related legislation pertinent to emergency medicine.

  May/June 2021

HB 2622: An Interview with Amish Mahendra Shah, MD MPH FAAEM

Author: Lisa A. Moreno, MD MS MSCR FAAEM FIFEM

Dr. Amish Shah is an emergency physician (EP) and an elected member of the Arizona House of Representatives. Dr. Shah graduated from Northwestern University with both his Bachelor’s and his Medical Doctorate degrees and went on to complete an MPH at University of California, Berkeley.

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