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Common Sense is a bi-monthly member magazine that reports on all AAEM activities and news from the world of emergency medicine. It is delivered to the AAEM membership* six times a year, which currently stands at over 8,000 emergency physicians, residents, and others with an interest in emergency medicine. * International members receive an online subscription only.

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President's Message


Due Process: Why It Is So Important

Author: David A. Farcy, MD FCCM FAAEM

I just finished reading a very stimulating article that drew an interesting comparison between the airline industry and...


What Ever Happened to "How May I Help You"?

Author: David A. Farcy, MD FCCM FAAEM

We need your brain power, your expertise, your service, your involvement, and your infectious energy.

From the Editor's Desk


The Hamster Wheel

Author: Andy Mayer, MD FAAEM

Do you ever feel like a hamster running endlessly on a wheel while you are working a shift in the emergency department?


What is ACEP Thinking?

Author: Andy Mayer, MD FAAEM

An emergency physician who grew up in the 21st century may not know or appreciate the complex history of emergency medicine.

Dollar & Sense


Highlights from 2017 Physician Compensation Reports

Author: Joel M. Schofer, MD MBA CPE FAAEM

Over the last month I’ve looked at a few physician compensation reports from 2017.


Saving for College

Author: Joel M. Schofer, MD MBA CPE FAAEM

Only a small percentage of students get enough financial aid to cover their tuition, housing, books, and fees.

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Past Issues

AAEM Article Series

The Masters Column

Medical Liability - State by State

  • Part 1: Alabama-Florida
  • Part 2: Georgia-Maine
  • Part 3: Maryland-North Dakota
  • Part 4: Ohio-Rhode Island
  • Part 5: South Carolina-Wyoming
  • The Final Summary

Cracking the Code: Fixing the Crowded Emergency Department

  • Part 1: Building the Burning Platform
  • Part 2: Creating the Analytic Model
  • Part 3: Implementing the Solution