EMpret ECG Masterclass

Wednesday, 21 September 2022
08:00 – 16:30

Course Fee

  • Organizing Society Member (AAEM, MAEM): $335
  • Non-Member: $380

Course Description

This is an established ECG course that covers all the important pearls and pitfalls of interpreting ECGs in the emergency setting. That includes practical technical aspects of the ECG such as the dangers of limb lead swaps and paper speed manipulations, a failsafe system to interpret an ECG and STEMI equivalents including high lateral STEMI, posterior STEMI, Wellens, deWinters, Sgarbossa and others. We also cover pulmonary, toxicological and electrolyte ECG abnormalities. Scary dysrrthmias, syncope and the differential diagnosis of ST elevation are not forgotten. Candidates will be given supportive reading material which they can use before, during or after the course. They will also receive a workbook with 10 12-lead ECGs to practice on during the course. A "test yourself" quiz with a prize for the winner adds some spice to the challenge. Yoga and art punctuate the course, keeping candidates fresh and engaged.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the course, each participant should be able to:

  1. Generate a reasonable diagnosis based on ECG interpretation
  2. Analyse technical quality of an ECG
  3. Defend using a systematic analytical approach versus pure pattern recognition
  4. Contrast ST segment elevation due to STEMI with ST segment elevation due to other causes such as benign early repolarisation, pericarditis, Brugada syndrome, LBBB, LVH, etc.
  5. Contrast the official AHA guidelines for STEMI with STEMI equivalents
  6. Relate ECG changes to important pulmonary conditions
  7. Relate the cardiac action potential to toxicological changes on the ECG
  8. Defend using the ECG to screen patients for life-threatening electrolyte abnormalities
  9. Compare and contrast important tachydysrrhthmias such as 2:1 atrial flutter vs. SVT vs. sinus tachycardia, drug and electolyte induced broad complex tachycardias vs. VT
  10. Formuate an approach to the patient presenting with syncope

Target Audience

Healthcare practitioners working in emergency medicine, critical care, cardiology, internal medicine, family practice and anaesthesiology.

Course Prerequisite

Reading the pre-course material is recommended but not mandatory.

Course Director

Andreas Engelbrecht, MBChB FCEM MMed (Fam Med) DipPEC DA DTM&H
Professor Emergency Medicine, University of Pretoria, South Africa

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