MEMC21: 10-13 November 2021

AAEM is continuing to move forward with preparations for the XIth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC) to take place in-person in Malta from 10-13 November 2021. AAEM is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of attendees in light of concerns about COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus. We will continue to update you here and will contact participants by email if anything changes. 


Welcome to MEMC21!

The Academy has some good news for you: We want to welcome you to the XIth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress, MEMC21, sponsored in collaboration with the Mediterranean Academy of Emergency Medicine (MAEM). This venue is a magnificent and historic gem positioned strategically in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the three-island nation of MALTA. Malta’s history began in 5900 BC as an agrarian culture, the ruins of whose Megalithic temples still stand. In 700 BC, the Phoenicians sailed to the island and it was their home until the Roman conquest in the first century. Beginning in AD 870, the island was inhabited by Arabs from North Africa, and that influence is seen in the Maltese language, the only Semitic language that is written in the Roman alphabet. Malta’s modern day culture predominantly reflects its long history as part of the Kingdom of Sicily and its recent history as a Protectorate of the British Empire and currently a Commonwealth Nation. English is the official language, along with Maltese, but since the population is extremely diverse, English is most often spoken. Malta is one of the safest countries in the world for tourists and offers good economic value for the US dollar.

Our home base will be the splendid Intercontinental Hotel, which boasts several pools (one on the rooftop), eight restaurants, a couple of bars, an executive lounge, one of the best fitness centers in Europe, multiple hidden courtyard gardens, and conference rooms perfectly scaled to our needs. Located right in the middle of the city, surrounded by lots of eateries, bars, clubs and retail stores, it also features its own private beach and is walking distance to the historic district. Don’t hesitate to book your room early when the reservations tab opens in March 2021 The hotel has given us a COVID-protection, so if there is another pandemic or travel ban issued, they are ensuring our attendees experience flexibility during these challenging times and will extend to us flexible reservation policies.

The place where the Knights fought their successful battle against the Siege of Malta will host the cocktail hour for the Gala Dinner. From there, you will proceed to the Casino Maltese, a 17th century structure on the main plaza, built by the Knights as a meeting hall. It was reopened in 1852 as a social club and the first cinema on the island. The second floor galleries provide a view of the harbor and the entire Old Town.

Malta is strategically positioned between Italy and North Africa, explaining why other nations sought often to conquer it. Never the less, the island nation has retained a distinct character that is a blend of European and Arabic, and while being a playground for the rich and their yachts, still has lovely neighborhoods of both generational inhabitants and newcomers from diverse countries of origin, all happy to host tourists and new friends. Emergency medicine is well-developed on Malta, the two inhabited islands each having a hospital. The main island, Malta, is home to the oldest medical school in Europe; still considered one of Europe’s finest. As always, our congress will feature the finest speakers discussing the hottest topics in emergency medicine, international health and critical care. We will again feature an international updates session, a women’s career development and networking session, and for the first time, a session on managing emergency care in a pandemic. Our congress, and Malta, will have something for everyone. MEMC19 Croatia clearly established us as the premier international emergency medicine conference. This congress is not to be missed! Your AAEM/MAEM team is getting ready to greet you in Malta in November 2021! Welcome!


Executive Chair, MEMC 2021
President, AAEM




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