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Current Issue: November/December 2020


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Topics listed below have been requested by our members and would be a great place to start. Original topics are still welcomed and encouraged.

  •     Billing and Coding Tips
  •     Managing High Malpractice Risk Scenarios
  •     How to Deal with Difficult Consultants
  •     Job Selection,
  •     The Interview Process
  •     Contract Evaluation
  •     Adjusting to New Colleagues/Nurses/Consultants
  •     Dealing with Student Loan Debt
  •     Work-Life Balance
  •     The Importance of Staying or Getting Involved in Organized Medicine
        (AAEM and Your State Medical Society)
  •     Buying Insurance
  •     Investing & Getting Financial Advice
  •     Preventing or Recovering from Burnout,
  •     Dealing with Shift Work and a Family

Articles should be a maximum of 1,000 words and cannot have been previously published. Please submit all articles to info@ypsaaem.org.

*Limit one per year.


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