Working Groups


  • Hold the organization accountable to equity for its women members, including representation on committees, the Board and at the Scientific Assembly (SA) and regional meetings
  • Work with colleagues of other genders, and other organizations to foster a culture of open discussion and to advocate for issues of justice, transparency and equity in the workplace
  • Develop programs to identify and assist women facing challenges related to gender in their workplace environment


  • Offer professional development opportunities and sponsorship to advance women to leadership positions within AAEM and their home institutions
  • Promote women members in AAEM via nominations for presentations at SA, committees, board positions and awards -Provide scholarships for junior members to attend relevant AAEM events (HPEM, ED Mgmt solutions, pre-conference offerings at SA)
  • Create opportunities for networking with other female leaders within Emergency Medicine (EM)


  • Advise the greater AAEM organization and the Board on issues affecting women in Emergency Medicine
  • Bring attention to important topics for women in EM through regular publication in Common Sense, a quarterly newsletter to section members, and lecture offerings at SA
  • Build mentoring systems for female medical students and emergency physicians at different stages of their careers, whether in an academic or community setting
  • Develop and present educational content that highlights issues of equity and focuses on creating solutions for the gender bias in medicine
    Create a database of resources for AAEM members interested in education on gender issues




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