The WiEM Section of AAEM advocates to:

  • Hold the organization accountable to equity for its women members, including representation on committees, the Board, and at the Scientific Assembly and regional meetings
  • Work with colleagues of other genders, and other organizations to foster a culture of open discussion and to advocate for issues of justice, transparency, and equity in the workplace
  • Develop programs to identify and assist women facing challenges related to gender in their workplace environment


WiEM Section Statements 

Position Statement on Supporting Women Physicians of Color

We, the Council of the AAEM Women in Emergency Medicine Section, recognize and acknowledge the paucity of Black and brown members within our section, within our specialty and within the house of medicine. We admit that this underrepresentation in our membership contributes to failing to see their experience, elevate their voices and advocate for their success. We pledge to leverage the benefits and influence of this new section to intentionally support, promote, and sponsor our colleagues of color.  We will strive to practice more than active allyship, and represent antiracism through advocacy and creation of unencumbered pathways for mentorship and leadership. We ask our full section to hold us accountable when we fall short.


Survey of AAEM to Assess Needs of Female Members

View the data results survey 1 (PDF) survey 2 (PDF)

Download the Survey of Women in Emergency Medicine Infographic
Download the Survey of Women in Emergency Medicine Infographic



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