EM Pain and Procedural Sedation Interest Group

Who We Are 

This interest group of dedicated and passionate EM physicians will have a mission of providing safe, effective and efficient analgesia and procedural sedation in the ED that are patient-centered, evidence-based and commercial-biased free. This mission will be accomplished by dissemination and sharing of knowledge, by creation of pain management guidelines, by promoting advanced concepts in pain management and sedation, and by multi-specialty collaborations.




Co-Chairs: Sergey Motov, MD FAAEM and Reuben Strayer, MD FRCP FAAEM

Board Liaison: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM


Our Projects


  1. Creation of an ED pain and procedural sedation curriculum.
  2. Implementation of evidence-based guidelines for responsible opioid use in the ED that accounts for their benefits and harms. 
  3. Fostering multi-specialty collaboration to promote a targeted, multimodal analgesia approach for patients who present for emergency care with acute and chronic pain.


White Paper


Letter to Congressional Leadership



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