AAEM Position Statement on Commitment to Clinician Well-Being and Resilience

AAEM is the specialty society for emergency medicine. As part of its mission, AAEM promotes “unencumbered access to quality emergency care by a specialist in emergency medicine” as well as a “primary concern for the personal and professional welfare of the individual emergency physician”. As such, we commit to fighting the epidemic of burnout as well as its negative outcomes affecting individual emergency physicians and patient access to care by specialists in emergency medicine.

Emergency medicine has consistently ranked the highest of all specialties for burnout. Burnout has multiple negative outcomes that affect the well-being of individual emergency physicians including broken relationships, substance abuse, depression and tragically physician suicide. Burnout also has negative outcomes that affect patient access to care by emergency physician specialists. Physicians that are burnt out have decreased productivity and higher rates of leaving their institutions of practice as well as leaving the specialty of emergency medicine. As half of all medical care in the United States is provided in emergency departments, there are profound implications on the access to emergency care as a result of the physician burnout epidemic.

As a contributing participant in the National Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, AAEM is committed to the following strategies:

  1. Examine and continuously monitor the current state of EM physician wellness and burnout of AAEM members.
  2. Explore root causes of the degrading wellness and rise of burnout amongst our members.
  3.  Prevent burnout through creation of best practice models for physician practice that promote wellness, resilience, and minimize burnout
  4. Create educational content on wellness, resilience, and burnout. Make this content available to AAEM members and the greater EM community
  5. Recognize physician leaders who have resilient careers and are inspirational to the practice of emergency medicine.
  6. Explore the correlation between wellness and burnout in different practice environments.

AAEM has always vigorously supported the personal and profession well-being of individual physicians. Improving physician well-being and preventing/combating physician burnout is central to our mission.

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