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Committee Focus

  • Create a resource catalog for operations management best practice processes: Collect operational best practices and make them available as a resource tool for groups interested in these initiatives.
  • Create a data warehouse for ED metrics and operational benchmarks: Make available operational data to AAEMs members and including  soliciting AAEM membership for data to populate the warehouse.
  • Author an educational series in Common Sense: Produce an educational article of interest to the general membership in every issue of Common Sense from one of our committee members, many of whom have deep experience in process improvement in the area of operations management.
  • Produce educational sessions for AAEM scientific assemblies: Develop a lecture series within the arena of operations management and process improvement as a thread weaving its way through each AAEM Annual Scientific Assembly.
  • Implement an operations management workshop for the AAEM Scientific Assembly: This is another high-value objective. Workshops like this represent the best in an applied science approach to a host of theoretical concepts in operations management. A related objective is a quarterly operational excellence activity hosted a various sites around the country.
  • Create an active communications network: Through the use of social and professional networks including listserves, facilitate the exchange of concepts and ideas for enlightened solutions to operational issues in our emergency departments.




Chair: Kraftin E. Schreyer, MD MBA FAAEM

Vice Chair: Anthony R. Rosania, III, MD FAAEM

Board Liaison: Bruce M. Lo, MD MBA RDMS FAAEM

Staff Liaison: Rebecca J. Sommer


Our Projects

ED Management Solutions: Principles and Practice - Annually in the Fall

The ED Management Solutions Course is a live two-day event that brings together current and future medical directors. Not a medical director, but interested in operations management? This course is for you too! Topics covered are both timely and cutting edge. The first day will focus on the fundamentals of operations and then you will dive deeper into emergency department management and leadership on day two.

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OMC Articles in Common Sense



Emergency Medicine Operations Management Podcasts

In this podcast series, Joseph Guarisco, MD FAAEM, a past chair of the AAEM Operations Management Committee, is joined by guests to discuss operations management issues for the emergency physician. Join him as he discusses issues of importance to emergency physicians. Listen Today!



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