Government and National Affairs Committee

Who We Are

In collaboration with the board of directors and other committees, the Government and National Affairs Committee directs and coordinates AAEM's advocacy efforts in Washington. They assist AAEM's "watch dog" activities with regard to governmental activities and public health issues that may affect AAEM members and monitor the activity of other national medical organizations as it pertains to the practice of emergency medicine.




Committee Chair: Andy Walker, MD FAAEM

Board Liaison: David A. Farcy, MD FAAEM FCCM


Our Projects

The committee monitors and advises the board of directors on current legislative issues affecting emergency medicine including:

  • Due process
  • Joint venture issues in EM
  • Tort reform
  • Out-of-network fees and balance billing
  • Emergency care as an essential health benefit
  • Prudent layperson standard


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