Education Committee

Who We Are 

The Education Committee develops and coordinates AAEM educational events and online resources. 




Education Committee
     Co-Chairs: Kevin Reed, MD FAAEM
     Vice-Chair: Joelle Borhart, MD FAAEM
     Board Liaison: Evie Marcolini, MD FAAEM

Scientific Assembly Sub-Committee
     Co-Directors: Joelle Borhart, MD FAAEM and Evie Marcolini, MD FAAEM FACEP FCCM
     Advisor: Christopher Doty, MD FAAEM
     Board Liaison: Evie Marcolini, MD FAAEM FACEP FCCM

ACCME Sub-Committee
     Co-Chairs: Lillian Oshva, MD FAAEM and Tamara Kuittinen, MD FAAEM
     Board Liaison: Bobby Kapur, MD FAAEM

Written Board Review Course
     Course Directors: Michael Silverman, MD FAAEM FACP and Michael Winters, MBA MD FAAEM
     Board Liaison: Jonathan Jones, MD FAAEM

Oral Board Review Course
     Course Director: Mitchell Goldman, DO FAAEM FAAP
     Board Liaison: Jonathan Jones, MD FAAEM

Speaker Development Group
Kevin Reed, MD FAAEM


Our Projects

Develop and coordinate the Annual Scientific Assembly, including a work plan, timeline, budget and publicity. Provide continuous review of the annual meeting goals and objectives as they relate to the Academy's long range plan and mission and make recommendations to the board of directors.

Develop and coordinate the oral and written board courses and use feedback to improve future courses. Assess the attendance and financial success of these courses and make recommendations to the BOD for future expansions or changes in cost structure.

Explore new venues to provide AAEM members with the best possible educational resources including access to online services, journals and meetings.

Explore collaborative efforts with other local, national and international EM organizations to provide educational resources and meetings to AAEM members; this would include defining guidelines for the endorsement of non-AAEM educational events by AAEM and guidelines for the use of the AAEM member mailing list.

Explore methods to assist AAEM members with the continuous certification process and explore ways to assist ABEM in its development and implementation of the continuous certification process.



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