Board of Directors


Patrick Magajna, MD MS FAWM FAAEM

Immediate Past President
David Bruner, MD FAAEM 

Vice President
Zachary Sletten, MD

Joseph G. Kotora, DO MPH FAAEM

At-Large Members

Air Force Representative
James Lantry, MD FAAEM   

Army Representative
Julian Mapp, MD FAAEM   

Navy Representative
Darren Cherry, DO FAAEM   

Resident Representative
Kevin L. Foss, MD 

Retired/Reservist Representative
Daniel Dire, MD FAAEM   

Thank you to all the nominees for their participation in the election.

We also would like to thank Drs. Juli Fung and David Tanen, outgoing members of the board, for their service on the USAAEM Board of Directors.


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